DILLON, Colo. (CBS4) – Two big name retailers have pulled out of Summit County. Blockbuster and Borders have been closing stores across the country due to declining sales. Now the town of Dillon is left trying to find some new stores to fill in the gap.

At Frank Mithaud’s Dillon taco stand the only thing hotter than the food is the sales.

“We get a good lunch rush and we end up with a good line out the door,” Mithaud said.

Mithaud opened Chimayo Mexican Grill in 2008. It’s located in Dillon’s massive retail park. Traffic there takes a normal downturn at the end of skiing season, but it could slow even more with the loss of Blockbuster and Borders.

“The lifeblood of any municipality is sales tax,” said Devin Granbery, Dillon Town Manager.
space Dillon Worried About Losing More Big Name Stores

The parking lots at the former Blockbuster and Borders stores are completely vacant. Granbery says Dillon can’t afford to have another big store leave town.

“I think it could be a worse-case scenario. You always want to try to avoid, if at all possible, the appearance that you’ve got a lot of vacancies,” Granbery said.

Sales tax revenue actually rose nearly 10 percent in Dillon from last year, but more closures could signal new problems, even for businesses doing well right now.

“It’s a shame to see them go, but if that’s the way the business rolls, that’s the way it goes,” Mithaud said.

Dillon says due to uncertainty of its sales tax revenue they are pushing back some city projects until economic conditions improve.

  1. Randy Harmon says:

    Where is all the tax revenue going? Perhaps to over paid under worked government employees or worse the elected officials taking their huge budgets and perks forl part time work.!!!! ?????

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