ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Arvada Fire Department wants people to beware of a scam. The warning comes after a woman received calls from someone claiming to be raising money for the firefighters hurt in a recent house fire.

The two firefighters were injured working a house fire last week on Union Boulevard. They were burned on their arms and backs and spent a few days in the hospital.

The scammer told the woman he was with the Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Foundation but gave the wrong address. Arvada fire says there is a fund set up with the same name but says they never call asking for money.

“Right now we’re just really shocked and pretty angry that some of our firefighters got hurt protecting the public and they’re trying to take advantage of that,” Scott Pribble with Arvada fire said.

To help the injured firefighters, the legitimate fund is:

Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Foundation
ATTN: Arvada Fire Fighters
2342 Broadway
Denver, CO 80205

Comments (2)
  1. Ruthmary says:

    This is unfortunate. First the firefighters get hurt battling a blaze that could have been prevented. Now someone is taking advantage of kind hearted people. This story is a good reminder to be cautious when being asked for money over the phone.

    1. Carol Wright says:

      We live across the street from one of the firemen who was hurt and this angers us to know that ANYONE would take advantage of the situation. For those who are guilty of doing this, karma will come back…how ironic would it be that when that day comes you could need the services of a fireman to survive.

      We are so very thankful that he, and the other fireman, are going to be okay. But it will not be without many skin graphs and a lot of physical therapy, estimated to take about a year before he can return to work. His homecoming was felt throughout the community as EMT, Firemen, Police and many many vehicles filled the streets for those who came to welcome him home and show their support.

      We love you guys!

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