DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – It may be the biggest graffiti hit ever on Douglas County real estate; and Tuesday the search is on for the vandals who went on a tagging rampage through steep mountain open space.

Investigators say vandals hit the Spruce Mountain Open Space just south of Larkspur along Interstate 25. They spray-painted profanity on dozens of signs, picnic tables, and even enormous boulders.

Clean up could cost thousands of dollars.

“(It’s a) very large rock out cropping and it’s pretty much 360 degrees around this, including some overhangs,” Ranger Thomas Welle said. “So it’s going to make it really hard for us to get it off once we figure out what can take it off in the first place.”

Park rangers discovered the vandalism March 17. The Douglas County Sherriff’s Office says it is not gang related.

The suspects could be charged with felony criminal mischief.
space Vandals Go On Rampage Along Popular Hiking Trail

Comments (2)
  1. Scarlett says:

    Not just graffiti, but apparently REALLY LAME GRAFFITI…. I do hope they catch these jerks.

  2. James Morgan says:

    Corbin Bernsen! I knew it…

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