DENVER (AP) – Colorado’s governor is asking senior managers in state government to reapply for their jobs.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has told 96 people in the state’s “senior executive service” to reapply for their jobs. The Denver Post first reported the move Tuesday.

The senior managers work in a variety of departments, from the Colorado Lottery to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. They receive higher pay than other managers in exchange for giving up protections afforded classified state employees. Instead, they work on annual contracts.

Others asked to reapply include the state veterinarian and the manager of the Colorado State Fair.

A Hickenlooper spokeswoman said Tuesday that the governor hopes to decide which of those managers to keep on by midsummer.

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  1. Cant Find GreenJob says:

    Gov Hick is acting like a Republican… too bad we did not have a real choice in the last election!! Tax the top 20% and leave schools alone or shut up!!! what has Hicky boy done for Green Jobs…I know I know!! NOTHING!!! just ask Xcel TriState Black Hills Energy and ask former Gov Ritter!! carefull you may not like the anser

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