FRANKTOWN, Colo. (CBS4) – CBS4 viewers were glued to the images of a frightened horse frantically trying to escape the Burning Tree wildfire on Thursday.

The horse was obviously frightened as flames raced toward her corral. Viewers could see one lone fireman frantically trying to protect the area with a hose.

“I was very scared, I was beyond scared,” said Christy Marin, the horse’s owner.

Martin, 15, was across town watching her beloved horse galloping in fear.

“I just broke down after I saw the flames just going and coming closer and my horse was going crazy,” Martin said.
space Viewers Watch In Horror As Fire Creeps Towards Horse

While it all was happening at their ranch, Martin’s parents were talking to a friend on the phone as they were trying to get home.

“She was telling everything that was happening,” Martin’s mother said.

“She was watching it on TV,” her father said.

A last-minute water drop saved Missy and the animals that viewers didn’t realize the horse was trying to protect. There were two goats that Missy was so worried about in the fire.

“She was running all over the place try to get away from the fire, and then she’d turn around and go back towards the fire … the goats are her companions and she’s looking out for the goats,” Martin’s mother said.

Missy was understandably a little skittish on Friday. The Martins are anxious to take her back home and they’re incredibly thankful they still have a home to return to. They hope they get the chance to personally thank the firefighters for saving both their horse and their home.

  1. Lavern says:

    I’m so glad everything is ok. I can’t watch the video. Even though I know it ends well, I can’t stand seeing anyone or anything in jeopardy.

    Horses are amazing & Missy sounds like a wonderful companion. Best wishes!

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