DENVER (CBS4) – Japanese Americans in the U.S. have been frantically trying to reach family members living in Japan. One local woman received good news about her parents — they survived but their home is devastated.

Masayo Desmarais’ parents had only moments to grab a few things, their dog and escape from the tsunami. There was no time to take much else.

Visit for the latest on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Desmarais’ parents live in Sendai. All of her parents’ belongings, antiques, photos, and heirlooms were washed away in the destructive waves of the tsunami.

Desmarais, like many, had an agonizing wait after seeing the news. Now her parents, like other survivors, struggle to recover in the devastation.

The Japan American Society of Colorado is one of many local organizations trying to raise money to help.
space Colorado Woman Gets Good News From Parents In Japan

Desmarais says she can’t yet send her parents necessities but plans to help raise money where she works at the Sushi Den on Pearl Street.

Desmarais’ parents are living at her father’s office right now. They were able to drive there.

The Red Cross says it hasn’t had any requests yet from the Japanese Red Cross for help, but is on standby.

Link: The Japan-American Society of Colorado



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