George W. Bush Nixes Denver Visit, Citing Invite To Assange

DENVER (CBS4) — Former President George W. Bush has canceled plans to visit Denver. The former president made the decision after learning that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was also invited to attend the same event.

Bush planned to speak at Saturday’s Young Presidents Organization’s “Global Leadership Summit” at the Convention Center on Saturday, Feb. 26, but backed out when he learned Assange was invited.
The annual conference attracts about 2,000 business leaders from 75 countries.

John Nicolakakis from South Africa told CBS4’s Tom Mustin that Bush’s decision was a disappointment.

“I do understand, but in the same breath he has let down a group of people who might have come just to see him,” said Nicolakakis.

Wikileaks has been criticized for releasing secret U.S. government and military documents.

Bush spokesman David Sherzer spoke to Mustin by phone. He said the former president “doesn’t want to share a forum with someone who has willfully and repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States.”

Assange spoke to the group by teleconference on Friday. He’s in Britain, fighting extradition to Sweden in a sex crimes inquiry. YPO members have strong opinions on both sides.

Eric Kurtzman from Las Vegas said, “If Bush had a problem with Assange or anything he said, Bush should have come and represented his case,”

Roger Chasteen from Tulsa disagreed. “We really wanted to see him here. But as an American we respect his decision.”

Bush also had planned to attend a separate education discussion in Denver but won’t attend that either. The YPO issued a statement saying it regretted the president’s decision, but looked forward to working with him in the future.

-by CBS4 Reporter/Anchor Tom Mustin

  • Polly

    The people of the City and County of Denver offer a hearty THANK YOU for choosing NOT to attend.

    • richard cheney

      Chickenhawk proves his mettle….one more time.

    • GSNP

      why would people of Denver want people NOT to attend?
      NO Reason for not wanting people to attend was given.

    • gumpy

      bush is a fugitive; he is wanted for crimes against humanity. bush will not touch-down in switzeerland for his orders for torture.

      bush lied the usa into a war with iraq and hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed…they are still being killed.

      the people around bush should be in jail: wolfowitz, abrams, perle, et al.

    • Icare2

      Poor, poor Polly. What entitlement program pays your rent? Or maybe your a teacher. Nah… probably a lifetime student. Sad thing is your vote counts.

    • jim pierce

      Looks like pres bush told the event he would not come if assange spoke, so what a surprise ! also what value does assange bring to the table , like none, what is his claim to fame . he sold out everone for some fame and cash .pres bush can do what he wants he is in the private sector , if i was in denver i would be more upset with the event than pres bush , they had a choice , ok pres bush or assange they went with assange , a very poor choice ,also mr bush showed some good values like it or not . alot of world leaders would have done the same. God bless this great nation .

      • GSNP

        to jim pierce – “they [Conference] had a choice , ok pres bush or assange they went with assange , a very poor choice ,also….”
        BOTH bush & assange were invited – bush was trying to intimidate Conference w/him or assange…….. Good for Conference for NOT being BULLIED.
        it was BUSH who reneged on invite….. CONFERENCE SAID THEY STILL WANTED HIM TO ATTEND. it was Bush’s decision to not attend.
        Conference was then TOLD [by whom – USG?] not to air Assange speech to media. DON’T BLAME IT ON CONFERENCE OR ASSANGE.
        GOOD FOR THE CONFERENCE not to be bullied by BUSH – but THEN the USG prevailed with its PUNISHMENT to Conference.
        What corruption of USG we have.

    • Liberty

      Spoken like the useful idiot you are.

      • Laughs at hypocrites

        Wow, if Bush is an idiot, then Obama must be a…oh wait, there isn’t a classification for one who is lower in IQ than an idiot. Guess we’ll have to create a special classification just for His Majesty.

      • oldmangruff

        I don’t think “useful idiot” means what you think it means. You probably just meant to call him merely an idiot. In the midst, you’ve assisted in indicating that you’re both morons — and, hey, idiots too; why not? ;)

      • HansJurgen

        He be a monkey – a human who hasn’t fully evolved.

      • Liberty's Comrade

        Pretty sure Liberty mean “useful idiot” as in its original meaning: a dupe for the Left

      • Greg

        “Truth is treason in an empire of lies”— Dr. Ron Paul

      • IvanK

        How’s the Hope and Change working for you?

      • Alamosq

        HansJurgen, I don’t care for President Obama either, but I would not resort to calling him names like that. Very rude.

      • smprfi33

        “Useful idiot” was the term Stalin used to describe those progressive types that can be counted on to side with the enemies of their own country and against their own best interest.
        Liberty’s Comrade got it right: leftist dupes.

      • ric

        ! second that……..and Stalin had 30 million just like him!

      • kyrandos

        @ Oldmangruff – Better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you’re stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      • Jim Busse

        how do you classify an IQ lower than Idiot?

        How about “O” bama

      • Jim

        Bush canceled Denver & a recent visit to Europe because of his possible arrest for war crimes. Bush’s world continues to shrink. If he were proud of his accomplishments while President, he should have faced his accusers and told them so. I misunderestimate him no more.

      • SlapHappy

        Wasnt it Voltaire who said liberty was the freedom to choose when youll get beaten to death or shot in the face…?

      • SlapHappy

        excuse me…the freedom to choose whether….not when

      • Dimslie

        Obama won’t have to travel to Europe. We’re going to try him HERE.

      • Vivian Bennett-Cohan


      • Cowboy

        (2010) Obama Earmarked $400,000 to Gaddafi ‘Charities’…

      • Polly

        “I didn’t join the International Criminal Court because I don’t want to put our troops in the hands of prosecutors from other nations. Look, if somebody has done some wrong in our military, we’ll take care of it. We got plenty of capability of dealing with justice.” — George W. Bush, Niceville, Fla., Aug. 10, 2004

    • BooHoo

      Either a welfare queen or a useful idiot

      • Laughs at hypocrites

        And Obama is an unuseful idiot. No wait, I forgot that we have no classification for the Incompetent of the United States.

      • Henkv

        Oh yes, we have a classification for that: elected Democrat.

      • jake-OB

        You mean the banksters thief in chief in 2008? You’d like to meet him in the airport bathroom I bet.

    • Golly Polly Stupid head

      Polly want a cracker?
      Bird brain!

      • Laughs at hypocrites

        Let’s see, if Bush is a “bird brain” then Obama is a pea brain.

    • Ivan Fernandez

      Polly, you may be a fan of Assange but making money by theft of official secret of any country is not leadership to me. Assange is nothing but blackmail artist in a different way. His articles are fodder for some who help him make money on the internet. George Bush took the helm when USA was under fire from Muslim extremists. He got the country behind him as one to start fight against terrorism. He made decisions based on information that was available but he didn’t steal it. Assange is stealing information vital to many countries. Under Bush we were not attacked by terrorists but Assange attacked (with his leaks) many countries after Bush left. Assange is a cyber terrorist. Without internet he has no place to hide and attack. Why don’t you start fund raising for Assange because very soon he will be heading to USA to face charges?

      • Billy Nino

        Assange clicked on the light on the liar Bush. He is a hero.

      • im with polly

        Hmmm BUSH is a war criminal, satanist and an all around moron, And Assange is a MK Ultra CIA asset so they are both complete idiots.

      • Chad


        You’re hilarious. To call Bush a liar is about as counterfactual as you can get before you start getting back. Especially in light of his tyrannical regime – a regime that disregards court order after court order.

        Couple that with Obama breaking every single promise he makes and Bush is suddenly the most honest man ever to walk the Earth in comparison.

        So Bill, either get back with reality or get to the bank to cash in that paycheck from the White House.

      • David Brito

        Ivan, your starement, “Under Bush we were not attacked by terrorists” leaves me to question your intelligence, sanity or both.

      • Jim in Houston

        Billy Nino: You are beyond stupid. You are complicit in criminal behavior or your supposed hero. Julian Assage.

    • Jake

      Thank you Polly for supporting enemies of the United States. I suppose you also were one of the haters who supported barrack hussein obama when he stood in his plastic temple in Denver.

    • Tedd Haggard

      I would love to attend!! How do I get tickets?

    • Donna

      I say good for you President Bush – a true patriot. I won’t be visiting Denver if this is what the city leadership stands for

      • Derek

        IVoice of Reason = Troll = another ‘useful idiot’

      • Not Denver

        It’s not the city of Denver it’s a private organization.

      • The Voice of Reason

        Donna I have to doubt you could ever afford to, or have reason to travel.

      • Owl Creek Observer

        Denver has been a dump for several years. Bush didn’t miss a thing.

      • fred gill

        Exactly. And what I want to know is why Assange isn’t arrested the second he steps off a plane in the US. He’s violated thousands of official secrets acts. Send him to Gitmo where he can take the turban.

    • Donald Duck

      Believe me Polly, if most of the other residents of Denver agree with you, then the city deserves Julian “The Rapist” Assange. Perhaps you and some of your girl friends would like to spend some “quality” time with Julian. Yes? No?

      • Polly

        Yes, butt only if he is SUPER hung, I like them BIG!!!

    • Mike

      I agree Polly, Denver is much better off without him.

    • Koots

      You don’t speak for me. I happen to support George W.

    • AtlasObjectivist

      Tell us Polly, how is the weather on Planet Loon today?

      • wes

        Polly…what color is the sky in your world?

    • Chili

      Polly, I don’t believe that you speak on behalf of the people of the City and County of Denver. That is hubris. I do think that your hate has clouded your judgment. Last time I checked, Denver is NO Place for Hate.

    • Rich Pope

      Oh bologna! Bush showed CLASS not to attend. The City of Denver should NEVER have invited Assange.

      • Andy

        The city of Denver did not invite him. It is a private convention. The City of Denver had no more to do with Assanage being invited than Bill gates being invited to a software convention.

    • Boggie Mann

      Well Golly Polly, why did you and the peeps of the city and county of Denver ever offer the invitation in the first place?????

    • BJ

      presi Bush was one of the greatest presi. He kept us safe for 8 years. Another thing I like about Presi Bush is that he never bad mouth any presi. he didnt have to bad mouth another Presi to look good. For example Carter just made himself look bad and a nut when he open his mouth.

      • DanaDee

        BJ, you are so right! I disagreed with Bush on many things; however, both he and Laura have class, brought that much needed class to the White House, and continue to exhibit class in their daily lives. Another great sign of America’s dumbing down is that people have so little class–something evidenced by many now in leadership and people hurling their nasty insults in these postings!

      • jake-OB

        Was that BEFORE he ignored CIA and FBI warnings and ALLOWED 3000 Americans to get murdered?

        He didn’t keep safe the troops who needlessly died in Iraq, cheered on by cowardly traitors such as yourself.

    • nonya

      Hey pollyanna……… I am sick of you phony self righteous hags
      ruining a great state. MOVE. You know nothing except what your faux
      friends and liberal teachers tell you…..YOU need to get out more and you should pay more taxes. and by all means dont have kids ( I’m sure your sterile).

    • ray maurice

      You mean for assange not to attend—right? polly want a white cracker.

    • Horsedoc

      what an ignorant comment about a man that gave years of his life for the United States. But then i dont expect you to understand

    • dean

      What a lousy typical stupid liberal attitude. Maybe if you shut your idiot trap and liisten to an intellegent and honest person you would learn somthing. But wait….. Oh yeah your too dumb to figure it out/

    • gary

      with 20% of the auto accident in CO reported as caused by people under the influence of Pot, I totally understand your comment. As a veteran, I am take pride in knowing that my service protected your right to speak out and say truly dumb things and that you have the freedom to support those who would do damage to this country. While Bush will probably not be recorded as our greatest president, rest assured that he will rank considerably higher than his successor.

      • CC Ryder

        Higher than his successor or PREDECESSOR!

    • Al Moreno

      Mr. Bush… I miss you man.

    • Texasmom

      We offer you a hearty thank you for giving everyone something to post about. You are a moron.

    • So Cal Mike

      Polly want a cracker?
      Polly likes Julian Assange.
      Polly is a nut case.

    • JustAGuy

      Polly is glad Bush won’t attend but offers a hearty welcome to the US hating Julian Assange.

      …you just have to shake your head at liberals and their twisted sense of priorities.

      • DanaDee

        Yes, because that is quite literally all you can do for them . . . and pray. I grew with liberalism in my family, and they honestly have no sense of logic. They are always arguing from an emotional stance, never utilizing any common sense. They have no understanding of human nature, either. I concluded along time ago that liberalism is their god; it is what makes them feel good about themselves because otherwise, they don’t. That’s the only explanation.

        P.S. I no longer communicate with these people because I just couldn’t stand having their liberal views shoved down my throat at every single little opportunity. And they would never ever listen to my side–they are the elitist and I am inferior as far as they are concerned! With relatives like these, you can do without!

    • Polly

      BUSH, ATLANTA, MAY 17,2002-
      ‘Bush American Dream Home Downpayment Fund’





      May 17, 2002 Bush announces his ‘American Dream Home Downpayment Fund’
      Encouraging families to buy homes they cannot afford
      -Type in ‘Bush American Dream Home Downpayment Fund’ to view this speech in its entirety)

      THE RESULT –

      FACT – The Sub Prime Housing Bubble Bursts and the Recession began in July 2007 as a Result
      FACT- The Stock Market crashed in October 2007 as a Result
      FACT- Unemployment Began to Rise in January 2008 as a Result



      • Fludizer

        Fact- The Republicans came before Congress in 05 and presented the results of a third party study of Fannie mae and Freddie Mac showing disaster on the horizon.
        Fact- Pelosi, Bwaney Fwank and Harry Reid all screamed “RACISTS!” at the Republicans.
        Fact- This scared the Republicans witless, as intended and it always does, and they shut up.
        Fact, Bush signed on to the Democratzi notion that “every American deserves a home”, (or was that health care?….lawn care?….Car Care?…… WAS A Home!.. I remember).

        Fact-Here we are. Deal with it Democratzi. YOU put us here.

      • Jaboni

        Did u eat paint chips as a kid? I think I speak for the rest of the forum when I say that I hope you are sterile

      • bigtimeliberal

        uh, the democrats where in control during those yrs.i think gay frank and cris dodd were dems. president cant spend money unless congress oks it. the dems controled congress.

      • Dee in Pa

        Oh Polly….just go and put the kettle on and we’ll all have tea……. as in TEA PARTY !!!!

      • Jim in Houston

        What the hell are you smoking? It must get lonely with your head so far up your bum.

      • Knucklenose

        Last I heard democrats could not be located

      • Bob

        Oh Polly,,,, I think it’s time to change your pull-up and get out of your p.j.’s time to turn off the cartoons on NPR.

    • Josh

      Just as I would thank Barack not to darken the doorstep of San Diego.

    • Jaboni

      Why do Barney frank and Chris Dodd get to decide new banking rules when the meltdown happened on their watch as long time senate finance cmte members? I would love to hear a rationale argument for their inclusion, other than the gerbil procurement special interest crew

    • Jon

      You’re a jerk, you liberal puke

    • mark

      speak for yourself… you can’t speak for all of us in Denver.

    • Derrick

      Buy some new batteries for your vibrator beeotch. It’s Obama’s fault.

    • matt

      That is because Denver is now a suburb of Berkeley and it reminds me of what SWC once said. “I like Pigs. Cats look down on you. Dogs look up to you. Pigs treat you as equals.” It sounds like you are a cat!

    • Some Guy

      My guess is you’re a class act in everything you do. Bet you have a lot of friends.

    • Jack

      What a stupid comment!! Not surprised tho, Liberals are stupid to start with. You live in another world.

    • Cassandra251

      Isn’t “useful idiot” the term supposedly coined by the Soviet Union to refer to liberals who inadvertently helped them spread communism? So, Polly, not Bush, is the useful idiot.

    • Stone Hendge

      The people of Eagle County thank YOU for staying in Denver next weekend. There actually is no prize for how much cr@ p you can fit on top of your SUbaru.

    • Missy

      Even out of office Bush’s got more class and the ability to make the better decision than that community organizer in the white house. The “O” just can’t make the right decisions. He’s either playing golf, basketball or hobknobbing with the goober smoochers. He can’t deliver on his pre-election commitments and is an overall disappointment for many voters. He sides against taxpayers and stands with the unions……….someone please fast forward the clock so this man can be out of office. Let’s see when he’s a past President if HE can keep HIS MOUTH shut like Bush has with him, but we already know what he will do.

    • Smark

      I’m not a W fan. He’s as much a liberal big-government politician as any democrat ever dreamed of being. However, he did the right thing here. If Krutzman had a brain (doubtful), he would have understood. But….(crickets)

    • stmichrick

      How silly of you.

    • Rusty

      Oh – I guess the fact that the shyster former mayor (now governor who ‘passed the hat’ at rallies) made your great city a sanctuary city didn’t bother him. Useful idiot would be correct – I may not agree with GW, but it seems we’re going in the wrong direction a lot faster now – sanctuary cities that flaunt our laws like Denver – and people who don’t understand that there are threats to our country and freedom such as yourself – are part of the problem.

    • rehtrh

      Polly your not too bright are you?

    • Bailey

      How stupid can you be to type that?

    • vince

      i believe the blame lies with the moron that invited assange to the conference. cut me a break the guy is wanted around the world for a alleged sex crime. even if he’s not guilty (yet) he should not be invited to any conference let alone to a “leadership” conference. thank you mr. bush for once again making the correct decision.

    • Tommy

      I see you libs still cannot respect past presidents unless they are Democrats. Do you teach your kids this disrespect?

  • Larry O'Daniels

    Finally, George Bush making a tough decision the right way and for the right reason. Wish he could have done such when he held office.

    • nightwriter999

      Oh, and I suppose you are supporting the loon in the Red House that voted present everytime a vote came about and is now partying like there is no tomorrow while his communist friends are out screaming that they are losing their golden parachutes!

      I’m from Wyoming and I would really like to know what happened to the folks in Colorado. When were you invaded by the politically correct California fruits and nuts and when did you leave sanity behind??? When are you going to take your state back and evict all these mentally deficient libs?

    • Jaboni

      And what tough decisions have u made lately? Paper or plastic? Ur a coward or an idiot, I can’t decide, for minimizing the decision of sending 18 yr olds to war, how dare u

      • Artemis

        Well, the first decison I made today was to spell “You” correctly. “You” have a keyboard, use it. Although, your education isn’t very clear.

      • Jim in Houston

        You must be a product of public education with your total lack of proficiency in spelling, other than that you sound like any other liberal moron.

  • Susan

    Polly please don’t presume to speak for all the citizens of Denver. I’d much rater hear him speak than Assange who should be in jail now.

    • Garrett Schaefer

      Julian Assange is a hero that the world has been asking for. He deserves praise, not condemnation for the simple task of SPREADING THE TRUTH.

      • DAFT!

        Is that just like SOCIAL JUSTICE, and SPREAD THE WEALTH?

      • mcc

        Gareth, How strange that Wikileak has NOTHING ON RUSSIA- if he get a real picture of the barbaric russia that desintegrate or rather drown in its own excrements – where 90% of people live like animals no runnning water, no electricity, no gas, hungry, on their knees. Where 80% are incurable alcoholics, and 50% on young russians are on Afghan heroin. Where army is a joke, and almost 1 million chinese crossing non-existant chinese-russian border, where Moscow is 80% central asian muslim city, where in certain regions e.g., Mayak, Chelabinsk, Magnitogorks the generations of monsters are being born because of radiation. Had he poblished anything of this sort HE WILL BE DRINKING THAT TEA WITH POLONIOU SO FAST THAT HE WOULDN’T KNOW HE IS DEAD….

      • nightwriter999

        Okay, now I’m projectile vomiting across the room! Mental illness alert…

      • John Breland

        What he deserves is a bullet between his eyeballs. As a U.S. soldier, I would be honored to put it there if authorized to do so.

      • titus

        This is not about either bush or Assange. is about honesty. One lied to the American people and the other one spilled the beans on corruption and deceit of “our” government.

      • Artemis

        @ Matt:

        Actually, we do care about what’s in the constitution. Which is exactly why “our” party formed.

        Taxed. Enough. Already. TEA. See? Not very hard. Are you one of those Wisconsin students that the teachers are ignoring? To be as willfully stupid otherwise is a tragedy against potential.

        Quit worshiping a failed idea and put functional, proven practices back in place.

      • Jim in Houston

        You still smoking that funny stuff. You definitely aren’t thinking straight. Do you understand the term treason or is that too advance for your dope infected brain to comprehend?

      • Bailey

        You ass!

      • Tommy

        And if people died because of what he printed you would feel the same? Why don’t you move to Europe where your social democracy is already in practice.

    • Chris

      Jail? Sorry, no US law exists “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” He’s not the leaker; he’s the publisher.

      • Matt

        These teabagger drudge bots don’t actually care (or know) about what’s in the constitution.

      • GenderBender

        It’s not a “freedom of speech” or “freedom of the press” issue, its a “spreading state secrets with the intent to cause the state or it’s intrests harm” issue. IE. espipnage. And Bush and his ilk aren’t the only one who thinks this. The Obama Justice Department is going after him. And Obama is like, totally smart, and he’s got like, such a huge IQ, and he’s like, totally different from Bush

      • Flayer

        So, if Assange publishes your social security number, bank accounts, history of stds,abortions, divorce procedings and other other personal info, causing much harm to you and your family, would he still be a hero?

      • nasti

        wrong again…. hes a HACKER you |diot….

      • Chris

        …and I am all for the Tea Party and check Drudge daily.

        Every news outlet in the country published these leaks. By GenBen’s logic, they’re all guilty of “espipnage”.

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      If you’re not savvy enough to know the Bush and Assange play for the same team … you’re out of your league. Do some research. You are living in a delusion created for you by the media, government and Hollywood.

      • joe

        Anyone who posts from 911 esssentials is a midget brained moron. AND I AM CONSERVATIVE who agrees with Gingrich on this issue but not much else . Go back to your bunker and pray for the 88.

      • Gibbs Bentley

        Nice come back Joe. Post some facts Joe or go back to your mom’s basement.

      • nasti

        whats funny is that the media, government, and Hollywood are all democrats…. please take off your tinfoil hat

      • John Paulstrom Southwalk

        What’s really hysterical is that nasti thinks there are real political parties and that there is a difference between them.

        Delusional degenerates usually use that tin foil hat line that stopped working in the 1990’s … how last century of you grandpa.

      • Jaboni

        How’s the acid trip going?

      • Artemis

        Sock puppet alert

    • Mike B

      It is against the law to possess classfied information without the express permission of the US governmant.

  • Matt

    “willfully and repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States.”

    I think that more accurately describes Bush than Assange.

    • Ha Ha U LOST!

      Only if you are a leftist that hates your country….

  • Det

    Assange is just a leaker, passing on info that could cause chaos.

    Nothing great about that…Any nut job could do that.

    • Garrett Schaefer

      Not really, he’s a pretty elite hacker, and I don’t see “any nut job” being willing to endure the unjust persecution Mr. Assange is receiving.

      • berrin

        Please get your facts straight. He is not a hacker. Some little twit (who will thankfully be in a federal prison for a long time) HANDED him the information. How clever or ‘elite’ do you have to be to publish something that someone else stole. You just have to have big b@11s. An egomaniac that will get what is coming to him.

    • nasti

      berrin…. just because someone gave him this info this time doesnt take away for him being a self proclaimed hacker

    • notsoKoolaid

      berrin…. just because someone gave him this info this time doesnt take away for him being a self proclaimed hacker, you act like WIKILEAKS was founded just for this. cyber attacks are his niche

  • WB

    Good call. At least he was a good American. Not an apologist, with communist tendencies…….

  • bnrtn

    Forget about Bush, .I’m not coming either!

    • Dave

      I’m not able to make it either.

    • Mike

      I’m busy that week.

  • Mr. Wee Wee

    Mr. Wee Wee sez “yOu gO girl” and STAND FIRM BEHIND Barack!

  • YoYo

    Bush is right not to attend – you don’t lend individuals like Assange or events that host people like him the prestige of a presidential visit. If there are miscreant citizens who think Bush is less welcome then Assange, then you’ve validated his decision in spades. Oh, and your basketball team sucks now. Enjoy.

    • bunky

      Your football team sucks as well

  • David

    I love how morons like polly assume to speak for a entire city. Good job president bushm Assange should be arrested but the current admin has no balls.

  • Don't touch my junk

    Denver. Isn’t that just like San Francisco, but in the mountains?

    • Auggie

      Well, maybe the Brokeback Mountains.

    • I

      Unfortunately you are right. I was raised in Denver, and all the Californians who have moved there are running the State into the ground, just as they did with their own State.

  • Winston III

    Polly, your an idiot!

  • John

    History will view George W. Bush as one of the greatest U. S. Presidents of all time, and continues to make the tough decisions that illustrate his greatness.

    • WhosWho

      GWB will be remembered as a courageous leader of freedom and a one of optimism. However, he will also be remembered as uber fiscal failure. Biggest republican tax spender that I can recall.

      • John

        If we get out of this financial mess and on solid footing, 50 years from now his spending will only be a footnote

    • kari

      gwb was a absolute big government failure that paved the way for the huge 2006 dem wins and the subsequent horrible dem rule we had. gwb spent like there was no tomorrow, increased the debt, invaded a country that didn’t attack us on 9-11, and stole liberty via the patriot act. he is a disgrace. i am a tea party conservative….you know a small gov’t conservative, a real conservative, which bush was NOT! I own my own biz so don’t go there with liberal welfare queen. good riddance to bush.

      • John

        Current, emotional flaming stuff that won’t even be remembered in 50 years. Your getting too emotionally involved in current lib propaganda.

    • Dr Logic

      I hope you got a good deal on all the rock you smoke, John. At least you might have a couple of bucks left in your wallet, because you certainly haven’t got a brain in your skull.

    • Jaboni

      Truer words never spoken

  • Rick

    If President Bush will not attend because he does not want to share a forum with someone who has “willfully and repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States” I guess we won’t be seeing him with Obama any time soon!

  • Uncle Bill

    Barry is a radical muslin who is hell bent on destroying America

  • SCM

    Bush made some mistakes for sure, but Assange willfully weakens the US position in the world (just like BHO). That any organization in the US would invite Assange to speak is a joke. I don’t even understand why the YPO – an organization for young business execs – would want to attract this scrutiny by inviting either of them is beyond me.

  • I miss W

    Oh yeah, this is what a President does when he cares about his country’s interests. I almost forgot.

    • Matt

      He lets us get attacked on Sept 11th 2001, starts 2 wars he can’t finish and collapses the global economy?

      Bush has a strange way of caring about his country’s interests…

      • c ya

        Let me guess… think president Obama is a much better president? I guess the “Global Economy” was the clue…..

        At least Bush could prove he was born here. Also Bush is not a filthy communist.

      • Amelia22

        Matt, you really want to go there? How about Pres. Clinton having 10 CHANCES to take out Osama Bin Laden before 9/11, and refused every time because of wanting an oil sale with the Saudis to go through?

      • Good Job Denver

        Matt – bless your heart! We have to love those that can’t help themselves. Doesn’t make you any smarter, but at least you’ll know you have the right to spew ignorance and hate wherever you may go.

      • Auggie

        Ok, but we were never successfully attacked after that on Ws watch, and the global meltdown was due to Barney Frank giving home loans to anyone, hell my dog could have had a home loan from Freddie, Fannie, and Barney.

      • Matt


        Let me guess, you dropped out of school before finishing the 5th grade.

      • BillV

        Sept 11th happened within the first 4 years of his presidency, so the blame goes to the prior administration. That’s how it works, right?

      • Amelia22

        BiHV, no it doesn’t. Clinton was to blame for not taking out Osama Bin Laden, and also to blame for a barrier between the FBI and CIA sharing information with each other. Several people from the CIA have testified to this and even written books about it.

      • Creaton

        Matt you really are a moronic tool, what do you do all day idiot, sit around in your underwear watching galdiator movies and waiting for the mailman to bring you your government check you did’nt earn. You can’t possibly have a job, your comments indicate you are an imbecile.

  • Ayn R. Key

    Bush doesn’t want to speak at any forum. that invites someone who has “willfully and repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States.”

    So Bush never speaks anywhere?

  • mike

    We Denverites love anything that hates or hurts this country. This country sucks and we all know it. Bush bad, Assange good. End of story.

    • w

      Honesty ! I can’t fault an honest leftist….

  • William Vincent

    Does anyone care that Clinton sold secrets to the Chinese.

  • LibertyPoet

    You guys have got to be kidding me, Bush has done more harm to the US than any person alive at the moment. He started our country’s collapse, and Obama is finishing the job…

    • Amelia22

      LibertyPoet, really? Like Clinton letting Osama Bin Laden get away 10 TIMES?? I guess 3,000 people dying in 9/11 don’t matter to you, huh? Not to mention Clinton could have done something about Rwanda and didn’t, letting thousands more get killed. Lovely Democrats, aren’t they?

      • AmerlialovesKoch

        Amelia. Are you 9 years old?

      • Lucas

        Seriously? Bringing up Bill? He took Bush’s massive deficit and turned it into an unprecedented surplus, only to have Bush II create a massive deficit again. Yet it’s the Dems that are the party of big spending.

      • Why Don't You Explain It, Amelia

        So Amelia, why don’t you list these ’10 TIMES!!!’ that you keep referring to over and over and over again. What’s that? You haven’t a single fcking clue what you’re talking about? Gee… never saw that coming.

      • Amelia22

        Hey WHY (who refuses to even use a name), there was an interview on the radio with a CIA guy in charge of the Osama Bin Laden desk who said Clinton had a chance to kill Osama 10 TIMES – if you would get out of your mom’s basement you might have discovered it –

    • kari

      exactly. any conservative who claims to like bush is NOT a conservative.

    • Amelia22

      Yes, bringing up Bill Clinton – who is to blame for thousands of people dying in 9/11, thousands of people dying in Rwanda. And it was not due to Clinton that there was a surplus during his presidency, it was due to the boom. In fact, the U.S. was going into a steep recession six months before Clinton left office, leaving major doubt as to whether Clinton would have been reelected if he had run for another term. What are you, into revisionist history or something??

      • Yikes

        What are you into, huffing gasoline? Because you come off as somebody is firing on their last neurons.

      • Amelia22

        Yikes, I guess when you fail history, all that’s left to do is insult people. Sorry you never graduated high school.

    • alveys America

      You must be living in Moms basement my friend. Bush showed the Mid-east we were serous about kicking butt when that was needed…..Obama looks like a door matt to everyone in that area of the world, and Asia and Western Europe.

  • Jujubar

    Well, well, well. As Gomer Pyle said, “Surprise, surprise, surprise. Shazam!”

    If Bush would start canceling events involving Clinton and Carter on “common ground” issues, I’d start to believe he might know his arse from a SOCIALIST.
    But, he doesn’t.

  • Lucas

    Both Bush and Assange were/are responsible for grave harm to the citizens of the U.S.

    • Texasmom

      Hey Lucas, why don’t you ask Polly to marry you

  • Polly

    Maybe he should send his brother Neil instead, you know the one who brought down Silverado Saving, circa 1985, and cost over $1.6 Billion, not including what he and his cronies outright stole.

    • Geoff

      Polly, you really want to throw around a figure like $1.6 Billion?
      Let’s spell it out with zeros:
      Obama, Pelosi and the Dems have cost us taxpayers over $5 Trillion
      Now-a-days, $1.6 Billion is a rounding error.
      Stop stealing my tax money to bribe your demonrat friends

      • Polly

        News flash “Geoff” in 1985 one thousand six hundred million was equal to 1/4 of the total deficit. And on a personal note, you have a pretty name, I think I will name my first born daughter Geoff. You are a totally brainwashed nutjob, now get back to your FOX news.

    • Lukifer

      I am looking to make some babies, so lets get started. These boys here aren’t interested in you so I am. Lets get the party and harem started.
      I hear your a hot lass from Denver and I expect that hot love making sessions with you are mandatory on both your part and mine. I work miracles under the covers and on table tops equally well.
      I must warn you however I expect you to be tested for STD’s and be drug free during the baby making process. And when the protection comes off I figure once you ovulate we will be having twins within those 10 months. I name our boy you name our daughter. Do Geoff proud but Gabriella is a nicer name IMO.
      I must warn you that I can perform for hours on end without Viagra but if you insist that I use it then You lass will be saddle sore for weeks on end when I do. I also must warn you that I am a very selfish man who does not share his woman with any other men period. If you insist on another female partner being with us then she must be also good looking, also tested for STD’s and drug free and also be able to least handle 5-6 hours of good sex per night or at least every other night when your too tired to perform.
      I do not practice polygamy but would if you insist that it would work. I am not Muslim nor Mormon in this case but if you have hot sisters and good looking girl friends then I am willing to start a commune for us under a new faith or religion of some sort. We can talk about veils and other proper attire for the other women after the wedding. Note: I do not practice Incest or sex with underage girls, so they must be at least 18 to participate in any love making sessions. However if you insist I must take on a Hispanic or Jewish bride after you then she can be 16 or older and I prefer she not be a US citizen at the time. Another note: However your lovely single female cousins over 18 are welcome to opt in to our health-care plan as family participants for more baby making sessions which I am sure I can handle and we all can afford together. If they are also Hispanic or Jewish ladies 16 or older is suffice for me or whatever the law is in Colorado or where ever we decide to reside. We can do gardening and conserve everything in our household and each of us can share the choirs of watching the children grow to ensuring the home is perfect for all of us. We will make sure our vehicles and homes are green as most people these days have also done.

      I am sure we can find some compromise with all of this after we get started.

      Sooooo????? How About It?

  • Jakartaman

    The ex-President did the right thing. He was/is an honorable man.
    Whether you agree or disagree with his politics.

    I wish I could same the same for our current President

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