DIA Travelers Warned Of Possible Measles Exposure

DENVER (CBS4)- Denver International Airport is warning travelers and employees that they may have been exposed to measles. The exposure would have happened on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

According to the Department of Public Health and Environment, a person with measles arrived at DIA, Gate C39 at about 9 p.m. That person remained in the area for several hours.

People who were working or traveling through Concourse C at DIA on Tuesday after 9 p.m. should monitor themselves for any early symptoms of measles, especially fever, from March 1 to March 12.

space DIA Travelers Warned Of Possible Measles Exposure

People who develop a fever should contact their health care provider or their local or state health department. People with symptoms should not go to child care, school, work or out in public, as they might have the early symptoms of measles and might be contagious. People with these symptoms should call their doctor to inform the office about their symptoms before showing up in the waiting room.

Measles is a very contagious viral disease which is easily spread through coughing, sneezing and secretions from the mouth. The measles virus may remain in the air for a couple of hours. Measles develops seven to 18 days after exposure.

Early symptoms of measles are fever, runny nose, cough and red, watery eyes. Usually, one to four days after the early symptoms, a red rash appears on the face and spreads to the rest of the body. A person with measles is contagious beginning four days before the rash appears.

People are considered immune to measles if they were born in the United States before 1957, previously had measles or have had two measles shots.

The last case of measles in a Colorado resident was in 2006. Before that, the state had one case in 2004 and two cases in 2000.

  • Leslie Norris

    OK I give up !!!!!!! I thought I’d heard every thing possible called a “disease”. Now Measles is a disease??? I have looked up the defination of disease on Wikipedia and it says it can be construed to be a medical condition. What I have heard in the past is that doctors can charge the patient and of course pass it on to the insurance companies to get more money. I would love to know if that is true. I am so sick of disease this and disease that. What next…Pregnancy Disease? If it is a term used to get more money, then you should be ashamed Dr. Dave Hnida for using it and misleading people.

    • Bitter Clinger

      OMG, I saw this too!! What’s next, a red alertn that I may have been exposed to a “cold” virus? Who can I sue.

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” ~ H. L. Mencken


    • kguerra

      Of course it’s a disease. What did you think it was? A bad back is a condition.

      Other infectious diseases: Small Pox, Pertusis, Tuberculosis.
      Non-infectious diseases: Coronary artery disease, lung cancer, Multiple Sclerosis.

      Measles is particularly infectious and can quickly cause widespread epidemics, especially among children. A small percentage of those will go on to develop central nervous symptoms (encephalitis) with resultant permanent damage. It’s a serious issue.

      • Jcher

        You are right. Others are wrong. That’s exactly what it is, i.e., here is the medical definition: “an acute highly contagious viral disease with fever.” And, it should be noted that it can be fatal. To minimize this “disease” is foolhardy.

      • nelson

        KGUERRA, a bad back is often classified as “degenerative disk disease”…

      • Bob J

        I’m skeptical. Vaccines are really pushed hard in the USA and we Americans are among the sickest population on the planet. I’m wondering if this is a ploy to drum up customers for the vaccine manufacturers, despite the fact it seems modern-day vaccines are doing more harm than good, giving kids seizures and other problems. Perhaps you can explain why mercury is a standard ingredient in vaccines, despite the known fact it harms the nervous system.

    • disbelief

      @leslie norris, bitter

      are you trolls, or just that stupid?

      thank you

      • proudnot2bliberal

        remember many of these post are from Denver afar left city thier former mayor Hickenlooper was a buffoon

    • davec

      only fools rely on Wiki for RELIABLE info.


      • http://www.oldmangruff.com/ oldmangruff

        A book is a single source; Wikipedia is crowd-sourced and provides citations. If there’s no citation, then remain skeptical. If there’s a citation (usually there are multiple), follow it and check it for accuracy. Only a fool would rely on a single source like a book instead of Wikipedia. And you are clearly a fool — that’s putting it very, very nicely, by the way.

      • http://www.oldmangruff.com/ oldmangruff

        By the way, I imagine this will be lost on you, but for others who might be fooled by your silly and uninformed comment, study this before relying on a single source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_authority

      • Cowboy

        Better – Wkik AND a couple books.

        But you are generally right. Wiki is a decent starting place for links, but not for real info.

    • Paul Sanford

      It’s only a virus that causes fever and rash with possible permanent brain injury or death. It’s not like “restless leg” syndrome or “some other excuse to convince you to buy our drug” syndrome. Relax and give your disease fatigue a rest. Measles is not a big pharma conspiracy. Or if you would rather give up!!!!! That’s fine too. I know! A brain is a difficult thing to operate isn’t it.

      • Paul S is a Goose

        A virus coming out of DIA, you mean the place with pictures of kids in coffins and soldiers in gas masks. No conspiracy there, all very normal. Have a look at the capstone “goose”, says “new world order corporation”.

      • Cowboy

        If you do any actual research, you will find that numerous different causes have a “new world order” in mind.

        Corporations are just there to make a profit, regardless of who’s “new world order” we get.

    • Chiquelitz

      Leslie…yes, Measles was another horrible affliction that affected millions of people. During the ’50’s when I grew up, I was horribly sick w/ measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc. I recall using a bell to alert my parents…I could not speak. Anyone born after 1970 has no idea how horribly ill one can become with some of these viruses. My mom contracted polio in 1954…she was 29 yrs of age. One day she woke up and couldn’t move her legs. They took her away to a Sanitarium for over a year. You cannot imagine how dreadful these diseases are. You’re sick of this disease and that? Just wait until one knocks you down my dear. And these miserable viruses will likely do so.

      • Scott Batten

        And God help us if smallpox gets released again today, since anyone after 1970 has no immunity to it, and no vaccine for it is being given out for prevention.

      • Martha finney

        Excellent reply. I worry that a cavalier reaction to measles is an advance taste of how the younger generations’ reaction would be at the threat of political oppression thru dictatorship.. They just weren’t around for the very real scares.

      • Marie

        Thank you for posting this, since so many people now downplay the seriousness of these “diseases”,, “afflictions”, or “illnesses”…whatever people want to call them. They are very real and can be very serious. The generation now has no idea how bad it once was and now are choosing not to vaccinate their children, a very unwise decision, as I am sure the future will show more and more outbreaks of these illnesses as fewer and fewer people will have immunities to them.

    • Carolyn

      Makes me wonder just exactly what it is. It is NOT measles you can bet on it. My first thought was, this is an excuse to cordon off the airport and let the elites get into the bunkers underneath. Apparently “something” is in the wind or “up”. Pay careful attention, everyone! Heads up and PRAY!

      • pcpatticakes

        Oh please little girl….get away from your internet readings scare tactics that are poisoning your mind and read some REAL literature about what goes on in the REAL world..particularly before you were born, and some VERY SCARY REAL DISEASES were put under control. Hopefully you will never have to know what it was like. Thanks to scare tactics that some people read on the internet, and take to be true…some haven’t been vaccinated against these REAL diseases and they are starting to come back.

    • Dee in Pa

      It is a highly contagious disease that was controlled pretty much in the US because of a vaccine . I can’t believe you have never heard of it . You must be very young or stupid.

    • Chris

      You might want to do some more research before you show everyone just how stupid you are. I contracted the measles when I was seven and I almost died from it. In fact it left my vision so bad that I have been legally blind. I had 105 degree temp, hallucinations from the fever, and I was sick for over 2 weeks. While I am in the minority of people who got the measles this bad, it is still a disease and used to be a potentially deadly one. So wise up before opening your mouth.

    • Vee Kay

      Can this person really be this uneducated?????? Are they from Wisconsin??????

      • Cowboy

        Worse yet, a Wisconsin union?

      • Cowboy

        Worse yet, a Wisconsin public union?

    • egemacated

      You are a moron. It has always been a disease.

    • Billdo Bagginsby

      The term disease broadly refers to any condition that impairs normal function. Commonly, this term is used to refer specifically to infectious diseases, which are clinically evident diseases that result from the presence of pathogenic microbial agents, including viruses, bacteria, fungi,…

      So you are upset that Dr Hnida used the term disease correctly? OMG, for shame for SHAME! If you werent wasting your life making ignorant comments on the internet and went to school and learned something, you could also be smart and get paid by people for studying so much and becoming a doctor. If you dont like doctors who often have no lives due to their work schedule, then shutup and dont go see them, Im sure they would not mind NOT having people like you as patients.
      A person got measles, young children can die from it, its a rightful newsstory, deal with it along with your mental disease, that goes for the rest of the nuts making comments

    • Charles

      Any dern fool knows the measles is a disease. Where the heck have you been? DUH!

    • larry

      [mee-zuhlz] Show IPA
      ( used with a singular or plural verb ) Pathology .
      an acute infectious disease occurring mostly in children, characterized by catarrhal and febrile symptoms and an eruption of small red spots; rubeola.
      any of certain other eruptive diseases. Compare German measles.

    • Bob

      Measles would be considered a disease. I’m not so sure about being addicted to alcohol. The thing I like about Wikipedia is that is entertaining to read even though the facts may not be accurate.

    • Dr. Haubner

      amen, Get your kids vaccinated with 50 different shots starting at two weeks old because there are hundreds of communicable diseases that WILL kill you, take the DHS ORANGE alerts seriously and submit to their strip searches, because there is a wild-eyed terrorist in a turbin around every corner, pay every dime you earn in taxes and watch the evening news to learn what to be afraid of next. It is all for your safety. It has nothing to do with making $billiions on vaccines that you don’t need. It has nothing to do with getting you to submit to overreaching power by the elite and politically connected. JUSt pay up and submit…all will be well.

      • Bob

        Yes, vaccines are pushed hard in the USA — much too hard in my opinion. Just yesterday I read a story about a scientist who contracted the Bubonic Plague and died. He was doing research on it. One has to wonder why a researcher would be messing with this stuff, and why the story was reported, since the Bubonic Plague is extremely rare these days. We were all worked up over Anthrax a few years ago, and the results of a recently concluded investigation found no link whatsoever to the man arrested for using it. In fact, the findings were quite embarrassing for the government because the Anthrax was of such a pure state that only a top expert could have made it. I see where this country is headed and very little makes sense anymore unless one takes a “follow the money” perspective.

    • rocketw

      Are you nuts? Measles, in Webster’s Dictionary, is “an acute, infectious, communicable DISEASE.” (Caps added.) Get educated and quit getting all of your “information” off of that idiot site Wikipedia.

      Good grief.

    • Deb

      Measles is a disease, it’s highly contagious, and it can be quite serious, particularly if someone pregnant is exposed because it causes birth defects. Your ignorance shines!

    • Dolores

      Are you out of your mind? Measles is a dangerous disease.
      Measles is an infectious disease and can quickly cause epidemics, especially among children. Some will develop central nervous symptoms (encephalitis) with resultant permanent damage. It’s a serious issue. You should consider yourself lucky to be warned. They could have hid this from the public.

      Having had the measles back in the 1950s it is not a pleasant experience and being warned about it has nothing to do with anyone getting “more money.” But while we are on the subject of money, if you have any, maybe you should consider therapy!

    • cactus

      Thank you Leslie Norris for the ignorant commentary. I needed the laugh!

    • MWR

      I’m sorry, are you saying measles ISN’T a disease? Of coures it’s a disease. That’s why we have a vaccination for it: the MMR vaccine. A vaccination, I might add, that many stupid people have not given their children because of the unfounded fear that vaccinations cause autism. Hence this warning.

    • tld62

      Yes, measles is a disease! You’re using Wikipedia as a reference??? There’s the problem.

  • Leslie Groves

    The word “disease” comes from the prefix “dis” and the root word” ease” — so technically, any medical condition that causes dis-ease is.. well, you know, a disease. Calm down. It’s going to b e okay. If you were so huffed up about insurance, you’d be out there helping people push for true socialist healthcare. Doctors are always going to charge patients and pass it to privatized insurance companies in a capitalist system. This is what the boomer generation left us with. So, thank your parents. And take the issue up with them

  • Leslie Leslie

    Come on, really? Only one case of measles in 2006, one in 2004, and two in 2000? And none in between? Get real!

  • Ernie Selchow

    This would not be a big deal if the knuckle-head in England had not started the “autism is caused by vaccinations” scare. This has left a number of young people vulnerable to situations like this, as their parents have bought into that hoax. Measles is a serious illness (or disease or medical condition).

    • Sophie

      There are many DR’s who don’t advocate immunizations based on medical data, all of which are not tied to pharmaceutical companies. Yes measles can be a very serious illness but so also are the very real and harmful effects of vaccination.

      • Cowboy

        Many Drs rightfully get sued for malpractice

    • Bryan

      Ernie you sir are so mis-informed its frightening.

    • DJJ

      It’s idiots like you that think it’s a hoax because you never do your own reaserch. They have proven MANY side affects of vaccines INCLUDING autism.

    • sixgun

      Vaccines are admitted to cause a host of problems, all affecting different people in different ways.
      my son was normal until he got his series of shots, his fever shot up, he turned ghost white, and needed flight for life to save his life.
      he is now considered autistic.
      forgive my ignorance while I bask in your knowledge.
      After 3 yrs of research, I have reached the conclusion that not only do vaccines cause autism, but cause guillian-barre syndrome, narcolepsy, and outright death.
      Please shoot these poisons into your own children, and when it happens to someone you love, you will have the rest of your life to learn the truth.

      • Cowboy

        Free Clue: People are known to become autistic without vaccines.

      • ruby2sday

        All the people who ate carrots during the civil war are dead! Don’t eat carrots they are deadly.

    • ca2011

      This is also why we have imigration laws – part of the process involves medical screenings to make sure folks with infectious diseases are not entering our country (whooping cough, anyone?).

      Couple that with folks afraid to get their children vacinated and…well, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

      • ClearyJ

        We have immigration laws? I know we have citizen travel laws – “Waht to x-ray and grope a fellow citizen today? Join the TSA! We are looking for unpatriotic perverts who will finally have a legal way to get their jollies” DHS is such a joke. A nightmare joke. They won’t secure our southern border (the Gods themselves might know why, but The Messiah doesn’t answer to them, or anyone else – after all – he’s the MESSIAH) but they’ll feel up the crotch and breasts of the women in my and your life. And now, apparently, they are lax on disease. Just be glad this wasn’t ebola.

      • md

        Gee I thought that everybody had been given MMR vaccine…. doesn’t it work?
        Why the paranoia?

    • Paul Sanford

      Andrew Wakefield has disgraced himself with an unconscionable body count, along with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey. They all deserve to die of preventable “disease” (Ooops! apologies to Leslie Norris for using that word). We need a vaccine against self-righteous ignorance.

    • Vince Paul

      Wow. That’s quite a condemnation, given the lack of facts. Oh, those inconvenient facts that: big pharmaceutical companies are granted immunity to civil liability even if they negligently taint their products with other diseases; a mercury-bearing product called Thimerasol is used to preserve most vaccines, and parents are not warned of the risks; Wakefield originally only noted parents’ statements that their children’s severe gastrointestinal problems all followed their MMR vaccine; the schedule of childhood vaccines has gone from 10 in the ’60s to 36 currently, while simultaneously the incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has gone from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 100 over the same period; every “authority” who claims vaccines are extremely safe is tied to the pharmaceutical industry; and every attempt to discuss the issue rationally is met with personal attacks, “common knowledge” which isn’t scientifically tested, and closed-minded stupidity, such at these comments here. ONE IN A HUNDRED CHILDREN are getting a life-affecting, brain-damaging condition, but you attack the parents who want their kids to be safe??? I hope YOUR kids get ASD! Odds are, if yours don’t, you will know someone whose kids have to suffer because of your attitude and ignorance.

      • Gil

        The reason obesity is climbing like it is, the “poor” have learned that making food takes time, with discretionary cash they can buy cheap food at McDonalds. Want to cut out this problem? Cut welfare down to something simple, food staples, cans of tuna and bags of rice. Don’t like it, get off welfare and get a job.

      • Al Gore

        you’re forgetting McDonalds happy meals, they started in the 60’s too and coincide with the increase period of ASD. Ronald McGonald needs to addresss this concerned but he thinks everythings a joke.

      • Cathy

        Well said, Vince. As a mother of a child diagnosed with autistic symptoms at the age of two, I can’t thank you enough! While one vaccine, in and of itself, may not be the culprit, children with compromised/reduced immune systems are especially vulnerable to the INCREASE in the NUMBER of vaccinations given with rapid fire at a point in their lives when they do not already have their immune systems built up yet. Our children are at risk simply due to the fact that they receive so many vaccines so closely together. They are actually being injected with viruses that their bodies have to respond to, and some children’s immune systems may not be able to handle the overload/assault to their immune systems the same way that other children can (which is why not everyone is affected). Parents do not understand that they have the right to at least space these vaccinations further apart (they don’t have to give them up all together) and do NOT have to abide by the “time-line” dictated by the CDC. My son’s symptoms became noticeable after he was given even above and beyond what is laid out by this schedule. Because of his compromised immune system he was always sick as an infant/toddler so he was behind in his vaccination schedule. They were trying to get him “caught up” and he was given 5 different doses of various things in one office visit. To this day I will not get him a flu shot due to the Thimerasol it contains. Thank God by giving him the proper diet free of chemicals/additives/preservatives, etc. I have been able to help his immune system get stronger. He was also diagnosed early so I was able to get him intervention at a young age and he is doing quite well now. To any new parent, do your homework, use your common sense, and make sure the vaccinations are spread out over a long enough span of time. If your child has just been sick and their immune system is in a weakened condition, make sure they are completely well before they receive a vaccine.

      • Lola

        Very well spoken, Vince Paul! Although I wouldn’t wish ASD on anyone, certainly not a child who’s parents who simply haven’t investigated their facts. There was a great article years ago in Forbes, I think, about following the money trail. Informed parents have known vaccines carry serious risks long before Wakefield’s research. Researchers in Australia and New Zealand found evidence that SIDS was connected to the DTAP vaccine decades ago. It was never well publicized because these researchers can’t getting the funding they need to do large scale studies. The pharmaceutical companies and the government are the only ones with deep pockets for that kind of work, and they will be legally liable if the evidence proves that vaccines do real harm. We need independent safety studies of vaccines!

      • SuzieG

        Vince you are exactly correct. When are people going to see the LIGHT?. I guess it takes someone like us to know the truth. The funny thing about it is that I am not a Doctor and thru my research I found this to be the TRUTH. LORD HELP US and his children…….Pray against SATAN and the EVIL DEVIL. GOD BLESS YOU KEEP THE COURAGE, Spanigh flu 1918 sound familiar

      • Angry Pediatrician

        There has been no thimerosal in childhood vaccines since 2001. In the meantime, the incidence of autism has increased, not decreased as it would have if thimerosal caused autism. There have been countless studies which have shown no connection between vaccines and autism. Several studies have also disproven any rumor of a connection between DTap and SIDS. Follow the money trail? The biggest expense pediatricians have is purchasing vaccines, and many times insurances don’t even reimburse them for the purchase cost- they certainly do not see vaccines as a moneymaker. Pharmaceutical companies have to spend millions of dollars before a vaccine is brought to market, and run studies for years. If you take your child to a playground they will be exposed to more viral antigens than all vaccines combined. And no, giving vaccines to children who are sick does not cause harm. The money trail you should be following is that leading to charlatans who promote the vaccines cause autism theory because they profit from it- administering sometimes dangerous chelating agents to children to remove the “toxic metals” from their system, etc. The older generation who lost siblings and children to deadly diseases are now dying out. The population remaining are ignorant of medical knowledge and have no memory of the diseases that often wiped out entire families. I am very familiar with autism, since I have many patients affected by it, I have my own children with Aspergers, and have several relatives with it. I have no fear of vaccinating my children.

      • Eddie

        You anti-vaccine people are nuts. And not just the harmless kind of nuts, you are dangerous nuts. You are using junk science to scare moms into not vaccinating their kids.

        Irresponsible dangerous nuts.

    • Suzie G

      I spoke to a woman who’s son has autism and she knew that it is from the mmd shot. She does not have time to persue it, but she knew and said that she could not believe that some had the same thought, Read about the Spanish Flu 1817 may explain more. Everyone has conspiracy therory’s. You just have to find the TRUTH and do your own research, Seek and you will find. None are so dumb as those who choose to not listen and are so dumb as to not want to understand. You can lead a person to knowledge but you can;t make them think.

      • Suzie G

        Coorection Spanish Flu 1918

    • Nan

      Yes, measles can be serious, but those of us who are older caught measles and most of us survived just fine without a vaccine. There is something to be said for allowing the human immune system to build up antibodies on its own. Same is true of chickenpox and all the other diseases once considered a normal part of childhood.

  • Leslie Foreal

    Maybe you should look up what measles does to you before you go spouting off about how much your doctor is going to charge?

    Also, I don’t see how your own ignorance of what a disease is should make any doctor ashamed to use the term. Measles is highly contagious and often has complications resulting in permanent damage, sometimes, albeit rarely, death.

    • Jcher


  • yo bro

    Gate C 39 operated by Southwest Airlines

    • Keith

      Thank you!

  • Keats

    Boy, I ‘m glad you guys corrected Leslie on her “omigod it’s a disease!” rant. Perhaps he/she should look up the history of Measles and how many thousands of people it has killed worldwide throughout history. My mother is 78 and was shocked by Leslie’s rant. Polio and Measles – that’s what struck fear into people’s hearts in my mother’s generation. Measles also causes miscarriages and premature births.

  • blueridge

    I had a friend who was mostly deaf. His mother contracted measles while she was pregnant.

  • Upstater

    @Leslie: I live with socialized health care and many with the ability to get care in the US cross the border. If you don’t believe me, just do some checking. Wealthy Canadians often cross the border (even prominent politicians like the Premier (ie, Governor) of Newfoundland, Danny Williams). The rest of us poor folks pay the higher taxes and often wait, and wait, and wait…

  • Bruce

    @upstater…. “us poor folks?” If you are one of ‘us’ Canadians why do you call yourself upstater? Please don’t lie.

    • Gil

      I know a few Canadians, one of whom needed a surgery, they were told the wait would be more than 4 years for a slot. He sold his vacation house, used the cash to have the operation in Seattle…

      Canada has its problems, don’t buy into all the hype the leftist idiots spout off.

  • desertkat

    We all had the measles when we were growing up. Not a problem for any of us. Kids all got it and all got well. It is now that we have the vaccination that we have so many problems. Kids don’t get it anymore (like chickenpox) and the vaccination wears off without a booster as a young adult. If you get the measles as an adult, you are much more susceptible to problems. Measles and chickenpox are kids diseases and don’t usually really harm children. Only in rare cases.

    • Dee in Pa

      You are confusing German Measles with Measles. I almost died from Measles as a child. German Measles is not so serious.

      • Cowboy

        I died from measles as a child

    • ruby2sday

      A measle epidemic almost wiped out the Hawai’ians in the 1800’s. I think it killed about 2/3 of the native population. Measles is actually a very serious disease.

  • Ibeen Vaccinated

    I would have liked more detail in this story. For instance, the heaviest exposure would be to those riding along in the airplane that arrived at C39. Why aren’t we alerting them in particular? How about those at the gate from the departure city?

    Leslie is a probably an old troll, but the level of science and health education is so poor, most parents today have no insight into how bad this could get.

  • intlctlrdnck

    The individual diagnosed with Measles is a resident of Santa Fe County in NM, and so this alert also pertains to the Albuquerque International Airport. It is believed the individual contracted the disease on a trip abroad.

  • hello

    That’s German measles, caused by a different virus. Regular measles, while having the potential to cause serious illness, doesn’t cause birth defects.

  • TwoThousandTwelve

    Thank an Illegal Immigrant for Measles and Whooping Cough…

  • Cindi

    Don’t laugh at measles. It can kill. The alarming thing is that perfectly healthy people have developed serious complications from measles because they don’t treat it seriously. Rest and please stay away from me.

    • Cowboy

      True. Those who had mild cases post and scoff. Those who had severe cases cannot.

  • Hank Warren

    This is all Obamacare’s fault, which is yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • Suzie G

      You forgot to mention our BIBLES and our Flag. Wake up America join a Tea Party and We the people can take our country back. AMEN

  • tmak

    Ah could this be a warning that you should vaccinate for measles? I’m sure Merk is complaining that a huge chunk of people are not getting the MMR anymore and that may be at the root of the call for vaccination….

  • Dave

    Why would you impeach Obama for practices begun by the Bush Admin?

    Bush Admin did far more to set back civil rights than the current Admin…or any admin since the founding of the country for that matter.

    • Cowboy

      You forget the FDR administration, and Wilson

    • Scott Shinkle

      Please give specific examples of practices begun by the Bush Admin have set back civil rights.

    • vinko

      impeach Obama because hew has violated the Constitution

  • Roxie Mannen

    yup everyone get your vaccines AGAIN in all honesty it was probably a vaccinated person who is carrying this around

    • Cowboy

      In all honesty, your speculation is just a guess.

  • sgbarnes

    There are two kinds of measles. My mother always characterized them as measles and bad measles. Evidentially one is worse than the other. She often spoke of how frightened they were about my having had the “bad” one. My vision has been quite bad all of my life as a result of the disease.

    What the article did not say was that the measles can do severe damaage to a pregnant woman and her baby. Of course they put out an alert. I hope no one becomes ill from this.

    As for autism being caused by vaccinations. It seems like there is an incredible amount of autism around. It has to be caused by something.

    • Cowboy

      “It has to be caused by something” so we will just guess?

      I think it is caused by something in the water.

  • J

    Can measles be spread by pat-down?

    • Vince Paul

      Actually, yes, it can. The measles virus can linger on surfaces, infectable, for hours. TSA agents aren’t known for changing gloves between fondles. Hopefully, this guy just went through the metal detector.

  • Anhiwake

    Born in 1957:

    Had Measles
    Had Mumps
    Had Chicken-pox

    German Measles hard on pregnant women.

    • Susan

      Have you had any long term effects from measles or mumps?

  • John

    From her 2nd or 3rd post, I get the idea that poor Leslie has confused the word “disease” with “epidemic.” And yes, I do see epidemic over-used, as well as pandemic. This one comes up all the time with the many flu variants, none of which ever turn out to be as bad as the doomsayers would have it. And yes, all of them are a disease.

  • abigail adams

    Measles is nothing to snicker at…I had a severe childhood case and lost my hearing (no inoculation back then) . I would much preferred to a have lived in a world with sound. I believe 100% in inoculation and vaccination. before vaccinations and inoculations what we think as common diseases, were left threatening. Many old cemeteries have rows and rows of those who died during epidemics.

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