Man Gets New Kidney For Valentine’s Day

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Two men found out the true meaning of friendship after one of them started having health problems. Now one of them donated a kidney to the other.

Chuck Nelson and David Baca met at a Bible study 14 years ago and became fast friends.

“If you don’t know Chuck, he doesn’t say much to you, and I don’t know how to keep quiet, so eventually I wore him down” Baca said.

They belong to the Westminster Church of Nazarene where Baca is a pastor. Over the summer their faith and friendship was put to the test. A doctor told Nelson one of his kidneys wasn’t functioning properly.

“They started talking transplant and dialysis and I thought, ‘These people are missing the ship here man, they can’t be talking about me,” Nelson said.

space Man Gets New Kidney For Valentines Day

Nelson turned to his prayer group and friend.

“I was kind of joking — half serious, half joking and I told him, ‘Well brother I’d give you one of mine,” Baca said.

“I kind of thought at the time he’s pretty serious, so I just kind of put that in the file that you only open in case you have to,” Nelson said.

About 4 months later Nelson found out how serious he was. Baca underwent tests and found out he was a match.

“Dave called me and said, ‘Guess what?’ I said, ‘I don’t need to guess,'” Nelson said.

The transplant was performed on Valentine’s Day and doctors said it went very well.

“I tease him. I say, ‘Most people give roses and flowers and cards for Valentine’s Day, but you’ve got to be the overachiever and go with the kidney,” said Baca’s wife, Regina.

The two will forever be friends bonded by faith and now a little more.

Monday marks the 25th anniversary of the Kidney Transplant Program at Presbyterian/Saint Luke’s.

  • Dave Sigafoos

    I told David today that with me at 6’10” tall and David being 5’8″ tall, that he is definitely the bigger man! May God look down kindly on these two men on this Valentine Day.

  • Harv Baird

    Praise the Lord for this blessing!! He’s not finished with you yet Chuck!! We will be praying for you and Dave, your surgeons, and a quick recovery.


    Dave this is wonderful thing your doing for this man. your a great person. we will be parying for both of you.

    your cousins The Monroe’s / Mary Jane & Calos Vasquez


  • Michelle Salazar

    Davie ~ It a takes a Wonderful person to give such a Gift ~ God bless you and your Family, Our prayers to both of you for a full Recovery. Happy Valentine’s Day ~

    Your Cousin Michelle Salazar ~

  • Wayne Rausch (Chuck's friend)

    To risk one’s life to save someone else is the definition of bravery. Governments acknowledge it with medals and armies depend on it for unity. Religions see it as the greatest sacrifice. Courage is center plate of walking with God. Trust and Transformation are the effects of Faith. I pray this courage you have shown, this trust you have placed in God, transforms your life to a higher understanding of faith. It gives you power to overcome even greater obstacles. May God give you tenfold what you giving Chuck. Thank you.

  • Anna

    Davy, I’m proud to have watched you grow up into the godly man you are today. What an awesome testimony! This will touch the hearts of many. You are a christian that not only ‘talks the talk’, but also ‘walks the walk’. What an inspiration to all of mankind. We should all demonstrate such faith and love. No doubt, God will continue to bless you and Chuck, both.

  • Lynda (Monroe) Fenton

    Fantatic Dave…my prayers are with you & Nelson for a speedy recovery…

  • Lynda (Monroe) Fenton

    sorry I meant “FANTASTIC”….not fanatic, oops!

  • Karen Dunlap

    Just heard everything went great! So happy for everyone involved, and thanking God with you as well! For Jeannie & Regina – It’s over…whew!!!

  • Jeannie Stricklen

    David, we are praying for you today. What a sacrifice!!!! We love you so much and know that our powerful God is watching over both of you.

  • Debbie, Women Encouraging Women Ministries

    David, you are a blessing to all who are privileged to be around you. Our prayers are going up for you and Chuck. God’s grace for a quick recovery.

  • Keith & Cindi Hammons

    We have been praying and are inspired by the gift from Pastor Baca. God keeps blessing us with Chuck’s smile, even when his earthly body nags a bit!

  • Lona Lee

    The good news reigns. Thank you for sharing this blessed news. Our prayers are with you two.

  • Pete Sue and Lance Nelson (family)

    Best wishes and recovery prayers to you both, your friendship is exceptional

  • Peggy Buler

    What a wonderful gift! Praying for a quick recovery for both of you.

  • kay Sigafoos

    It was great to be at the hospital with your parents, daughters, wife and mother in law today. It was sudh fun to talk to Louise and the others. Dave and i are glad we were in a position to be there and wait for several long hours for them while they waitied for the good news.. Hopefully, we were able to help the time pass more quickly as they anxiously kept waiting and looking for someone with the good news, about everthing. We all did finally eat. Most of your family got food from the cafe and took it back to wait in the waiting area. You have a wonderful family!

  • David & Dorreen Michaels & Josh & Keilah Johnson

    David we are all praying for you and that God be in the mist of everything that took place today.I would like to thank you for everything you have done for my family.I pray that God will give you both a speedy recovery. God has great and mighty blessings in store for you and Regina and all your family:)

  • Lady Hesprus

    Good heart felt story..I worked with Transplant Pts. in Denver for 3’s a mircle to see life completly change before your eyes, People coming in very sick leaving on their own steam is amazing to be a part of…There is a huge need for organ transpant, I myself never thought about it until I saw it fiirst hand, Now I put it on My license to be a Donor…One person can save 5 lives. Good luck to both Patients and wish them a speedy recovery….

  • Jacki Jackson & LeRoy Stover

    David we have been praying for you and Chuck and hope you both have aq complete and speedy recovery. God bless you both.

  • Allegra Sigafoos

    I typed a long comment to David. When I submitted it, it said that it was an invalid e-mail address. Then I typed in my other e-mail address. Both were correct, but it wouldn’t accept my comment for some reason.

    It was great to see you, David, today sitting up in a chair. Your lovely wife, Regina, was downstairs when I started to leave. She walked me to my car where my husband was picking me up. She opened the door for me and gave me a hug. Since you couldn’t hug me, she did. Actually, I didn’t used to be very fond of hugs, but you made me a believer. Go David!!!

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