DENVER (CBS4) – Just in time for Valentine’s Day the Dumb Friends League is lowering all adoption fees.

The fee to adopt cats and dogs that are a year and older will be dropped to just $14 — a bargain for unconditional love.

The special lasts until Friday.

For some a pet is the perfect gift.

“This is probably the best type of Valentine you can get because a pet offers a lot of love, and companionship and it’s a lifetime of that,” Michelle Ray with the Dumb Friends League said.

The league has about 900 animals to choose from between its Quebec shelter and the Buddy Center in Castle Rock.

Visit the Denver Dumb Friends League website for more information.

Comments (3)
  1. david says:

    wow that is very cool

    1. Ramona Sandoval says:

      we just adopted shylo!!

  2. Sean Penno says:

    the cat I had for 21 years just had to be put down last week…I have been looking at the Dumb Friends League website since then and have had my eye on a cat at the Quebec shelter…after reading this story I don’t think there’s any way I can pass up going down there to get her! 🙂

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