DENVER (CBS4)- Subzero temperatures and dangerous wind chill have kept many avid runners and walkers inside this week. The elements are too severe for many exercisers.

“Usually on Wednesdays I run 3 to 5 miles outside,” said runner Erik Frain. “It was negative 11 when I checked the temperature.”

“I didn’t want to freeze or get frostbite or something dumb just by running outside,” said Frain.

“Particularly with the wind chill outside you certainly would want to stay indoors,” said Dr. Ray Kim with Porter Adventist Hospital.

Some dedicated outdoor enthusiasts did brave the elements.

“Beautiful sunshine, crisp air, it’s what Colorado is all about,” said Pete Mang, who was running with his wife, Helen.

“I just put on lots and lots of layers, double headbands, double pants lots of warm mittens,” said Helen.

Pete keeps his water bottle from freezing by carrying warm water upside down.

“You get a much longer lifespan out of your water bottle before it decides to set up on you,” said Pete.

“One of the big risks with being out in the cold is that it can numb the skin so you often don’t feel it so you can be developing frostbite without even knowing it,” said Dr. Kim.

The experts advise in subzero temperatures it just makes sense to stay inside. There’s nothing wrong with a workout in the warmth.

  1. EPIC FAIL says:

    Wonder how many of those indoor excercisers were liberal global warming devotees?

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