DENVER (CBS4)- Frigid temperatures are taking their toll on homes in the metro area, both old and new. Plumbers are busy this week fixing busted pipes.

“It’s been havoc and typically it’s early for us to be getting these types of calls,” said Robert Rousse with Colorado Cleanup Services.

Tyler Ward lives in a new home, but the temperatures were just too cold this week.

“Our toilet wasn’t working and I called my dad and he said, ‘I think it’s a frozen pipe,'” said Ward. “I didn’t think it would be this big of a project for one pipe.”

Jeff Long, a plumber with Applewood Plumbing, was dealing with similar situations on Wednesday. So were his partners. Their business actually broke a record for calls today.

“This is my fifth call for frozen pipes,” said Long.

One problem he sees often, a pipe isn’t insulated.

“Last cold spell, the guy had a finished basement and it was close to $10,000 in damage to his house,” said Long.

Plumbers advise saving your pipes by keeping the temperature in your home around 65 degrees. If you have pipes that are not insulated, wrap it in a blanket and open your cabinets to keep the pipes warm.


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