DENVER (AP) — Immigration bills expected to come before Colorado lawmakers this year have been introduced, starting what promises to be a contentious debate.

Two dozen Republican lawmakers have proposed an Arizona-style immigration crackdown. Senate Bill 54 would allow police officers to arrest someone they suspect may be an illegal immigrant. The bill does not include another divisive aspect of Arizona’s law, a requirement that immigrants obtain or carry immigration registration papers.

Two of the Republican sponsors have also introduced another bill that would require prospective voters to show proof of citizenship.

Democrats who control the Senate have warned that the immigration crackdown faces an uphill battle.

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  1. Curtis says:

    Typical for the Democratic party

  2. US EAGLE says:

    About damn time someone does something about these people! Tax burdens on the American people and have no respect for the US anyway! Send em’ all packin’! ADIOS AMIGOS!

  3. Kathy Woodard says:

    I’m hoping maybe then I can get some of the healthcare help that I have worked for all these 18yr’s of paying my taxes.. now that my body is all broke down in my later years. Can somebody please shorten the walfare linessssssssssssss

  4. Francis says:


    Like it or not, the only way to completely halt illegal immigration is the issuance of a National ID card, with a main database of every single citizen and legal permanent resident? It’s a terrible situation our nation is suffering through, but the costs appropriated to subsidize foreign nationals and their families would disappear if you has to possess a federal Identification card like many other industrialized countries. Losing a little of our privacy, would save perhaps hundreds of billions of taxpayers money, as foreign illegal workers and their extended families would no longer be able to fool federal, state and local law enforcement. Businesses would have no excuse for hiring illegal labor and the “not knowingly hiring” law would become moot, as every worker would have to show the ID card.

    America is sinking under a massive fiscal support burden for not addressing the illegal alien invasion. If you cannot imagine the expenditure in just the health care system alone, then you should read the report by the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, spring 2005 After reading this numbing revelation, you probably will need a good dose of Milk of Magnesia. You can ignore the massive issue that illegal alien settlement has become. Or you can make your vote known and add your wrath to millions by contacting Washington Congressional leaders at 202-224-3121. You can also address this disgusting situation to your local state Congressman as well, even start a conversation on your local radio or TV station. INCREASINGLY A VOLUME OF AMERICAN STATES ARE PASSING THEIR OWN BILLS, BECAUSE OF THIS ADMINISTRATION OR PAST GOVERNMENT FAILURE TO STOP THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ONSLAUGHT.

    Stopping illegal immigration in the interior is of urgent importance, and the magnet from less than honest business must be held accountable. The attitude of businesses is indifferent, specially local contractors and sub-contractors who should be painfully fined with confiscation of business assets, with a prison sentence held over their head for a second offense .Some of this money paid in fines could be awarded to Whistle blowers, who are convinced that the company owner is hiring illegal aliens and not using a permanent E-Verify verification programs. Once the border barrier can be seen to hold back the deluge of the impoverished migrants, then a Guest Worker program could be introduced to relieve the labor shortage in agriculture. However it must be overseen for fraud, as viewed after the 1986 Immigration Reform. Every contract signed must indicate that the said person cannot change jobs, cannot bring in any family members as they are classed as a temporary labor.

    Even when the majority of Americans have expressed they are against any amnesty, legal importation of non-citizens there have been quietly ushered into this country in seven small amnesties, outside of the roughly 1.5 million medium-skilled workers who enter the workforce yearly. Much of the fraudulent import of immigrants is perpetrated on the labor department by unscrupulous lawyers. Each visa program has its erroneous applications for entry, from countries with high populations of moderate technical workers, instead of training large pools of US citizens and green card possessors. Companies that are involved in these hiring travesties are not obligated to furnish any benefits including health care. If the businesses downsizes the first to go are the newcomers, who then are limited to resources and must depend on federal entitlements.

    Join a local chapter of the Tea Party, who have their own candidates in Congress and give them the support they need. There are hundreds of reliable reports on the foreign occupation of our country and you should become part of the battle lines or you can remain indifferent to the whole whole thing? You can take the Liberal extremists at their word that the poor and desperate are a good money maker for our economy, or you can swallow the ugly truth that for every dollar spent, they are reimbursed 3 dollars of your money.You can take Senator Harry Reid at his word about immigration reform or say no to any form of Amnesty including the birthright baby citizenship law. Taxpayers can remain being a philanthropist for every illegal alien who slips over the border or drops in by jet plane, or join the growing discontent of millions of unemployed Americans.

    We must build the real, original double layer fence (2006 Secure Fence Act), then station the armed military to ward off the unceasing rush of illegal invaders or you can sit back and watch as our bleeding United States GDP escalates past 14 Trillion dollars. If you are Interested where your taxes are going, then read about the immigration corruption articles at NumbersUSA and JudicialWatch.

    No copyright. Distribute freely.

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