COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs on Monday hosted a baby shower for a newborn boy after someone stole his parents car just hours before his birth.

Jude’s mother, Serena, went into labor Sunday morning and his father Pfc. Primo Paragas was worried about her slipping on ice. He pulled the car near their apartment and left it running while he went inside to help his wife to the car.

“We’re on our way out the door, I went to open the door for her and my car was gone,” Paragas said. “It was just the most awful feeling.”

Not only was the car gone, but it was full of new things for the baby, including a car seat.

An ambulance came for Serena while her husband stayed behind to fill out the police report.

The couple’s computer and camera were also in the car — both filled with memories of their recent wedding.

Firefighters and the Army Wives Club of Fort Carson helped collect all kinds of items for the family on Monday.

“Hundreds of e-mails and calls then we got all these diapers, car seat, digital camera, and everything that was stolen,” Candice Demers with the Army Wives Club of Fort Carson said

“This is just unbelievable, phenomenal, and surprising,” Paragas said.

The stolen car was found Monday, but everything inside was gone.

Comments (6)
  1. MC says:

    This is sad, but not really surprising. A person cannot leave their car running, and go back into their house, especially in the city.

  2. julius says:

    If she wasn’t pregnant at a young age to being with, would this still have happened? Better job, neighborhood….

    1. BJBRN says:

      What does her age have to do with anything? It’s upsetting that you can’t leave a car for a few minutes during an urgent situation without having to worry someone will take your car. People will never stop surprising me with their cruelty.

      1. Brandy Johnson Allison says:

        AGREED !! Little do some people know that when you are coming from a different state PCSing and know NOTHING about another state how are you to know what neighborhoods are good and which are not ! People are soooo rude ! we PCSd here and knew absolutly nothing about CO so stop judging unless you truely know someone situation and even then who are YOU to judge anyone !

  3. KSS says:

    Julius the age of the mother is not the question here. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in you can’t trust anything or anyone these days. You can live in the best of the best neighborhood and still have things like this happen to you. Unfortunately it a sad world out there these days….

  4. 671inthe719 says:

    you all are just plain insensitive! you focus on his car getting stolen in an emergency, and about how bad people are these days. that might be the case, but no one, NO ONE took the time to acknowledge the fact that other people were generous enough to donate their cars, a laptop, carseats, and other baby items. well, here it is: THANK YOU Army Wives Club of Ft. Carson for all the support you’ve been giving the family in their time of need. kudos on a job well done.

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