DENVER, (CBS4) – Part of John Elway’s new job as the Vice President of Football Operations will be reshaping the Broncos team and then selling it to the fans. Part of that new package, includes Elway himself, bringing his Hall of Fame personality, and his popularity back to the Broncos. 

At a news conference Wednesday, Elway tried to capitalize on the excitement of his rejoining the team.

“The Denver Broncos are in my blood. They always have been.” said Elway, “It is really a thrill to be back.”

CBS4’s Dominic Garcia asked sports marketing executive Dan Price what it actually means to have the Elway brand back. Price said Elway’s track record in business speaks for itself. His car dealerships did well, so have his steakhouses, and even his Arena Football team won a championship.

“When you take one of the greatest players of all-time and you couple that with the ability to run a business.” Price continued, “And you put him in a position of running the Broncos, I think there’s a lot of credibility there.”  

That credibility is expected to go a long way in attracting players and coaches.

“He can tell them all the great things that are gonna come out of it separate from the wins and losses. He can describe Denver as a great place to live.”

Price said Elway’s biggest task may be getting Denver excited about football again. 

 “This is the first time since I’ve been here that we really felt like we lost that connection with the broncos and fans.”

That connection will come with winning. Fans can be impatient but may cut Elway a little slack.

“I think people are gonna be a little more patient with him because no one wants him to be the bad guy nobody wants him to lose.”

Elway’s message was simple, and on-target with rebuilding the Broncos brand.

“Why am I here? Because I love the Broncos”.


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