DENVER (CBS4) –  Sen. Michael Bennet showed his support for President Obama’s tax compromise in an interview in CBS4’s studios Monday. The tax compromise would extend the Bush era tax cuts to all Americans and also extend unemployment benefits.

“If we don’t pass this deal, the cruel reality is that 2 million Coloradans would see their taxes go up at the beginning of the year,” Bennet said.  “There will a lot of people on unemployment insurance who would lose that”.

A number of Democrats rejected Obama’s first pass at a tax deal. They criticized the President saying he was too quick to extend tax cuts to people making over $250,000. Bennet says lawmakers must find a way to reconcile tax cuts with the growing deficit, next year.

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  1. Ken Graham says:

    Boo to Bennet. This only favores the RICH. Bennet is just an Obama puppet and was lucky to get re-elected. Half of us di not want him. Wake up America

  2. Keeba Smith says:

    I certainly did NOT support Bennet as I did not believe he was what we needed. (My family and friends supported Andrew Romanoff.) However, I am on the fence when it pertains to the tax cuts. If Obama does not agree, some supporters say it would take away jobs. But I contend if that was the case, then unemployment would not be so high. (How long have we been dealing with these tax cuts for the rich?) Alternatively during a recession, how does anyone propose a tax INCREASE? Additionally, if the Democrats had so no to the Republicans, then the Republicans may have said no to extend unemployment benefits – JUST AS THEY HAD DONE BEFORE. In this case, The People should be aware that the Republicans are not in favor of the middle class nor do they support those that are considered lower class – a.k.a. poor people. Of course, there will be some who argue that unemployment benefits should cease as too many of them are taking advantage of “the system.”
    However, there are people who cannot get a job at SEVERAL fast-food restaurants because they have college degrees; they are considered overly qualified? They are not taking advantage of the system but CONSTANTLY seeking jobs that just aren’t there. Yes, there will always be lazy people who take things for granted, but what about those who are sincerely putting in the effort?)
    Did Obama do the right thing by the so-called “compromise” with the GOP? Well, if the votes aren’t there, then what other choice does he have? We need to remember that its not just the Republicans who want to continue the tax break for the rich.

  3. Keeba Smith says:

    On the other hand, why didn’t the Dems allow the tax cuts to expire for EVERYONE? Yes, the rich, the middle class AND the lower class? Allow them ALL to expire and then initiate a NEW Tax Cut Bill that would EXCLUDE those who earn more than $200,000.

  4. Felisa Malachowski says:

    This is good and you do a excellent job. I appreciate it.

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