DENVER (CBS4) – Sixty rescued dogs will find new homes in Colorado. The Dumb Friends League was expected to receive 25 dogs Saturday and the rest will go to the National Dog Mill Rescue based in Colorado Springs.

Volunteers drove vans to pick up the dogs from puppy mills in Kansas and Missouri. They are there because laws changed in a number of states limiting how many dogs a puppy mill owner can keep.

The dogs are coming to Colorado specifically because the National Dog Mill Rescue is working with the breeders who have too many dogs. According to the law the dogs are no longer being used for breeding. So instead of euthanizing them, they’re looking for permanent, loving homes in Colorado.

Some of the dog breeds include Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, schnauzer, pug, dachshund, beagle and miniature pinscher.

When the dogs arrived they got a quick evaluation and vaccinations. Over the next few days they’ll have a full health evaluation to determine which are ready for immediate adoption.

The evaluations are very important because some of the dogs have never had human contact — they’ve been 100 percent used for breeding.

Those dogs will be ready to adopt in a few weeks, but otherwise, starting Monday, some of the dogs will ready for a home. The Dumb Friends League is offering $100 off the adoption fee of any adult cat or dog and 50 percent off for kittens and puppies through Dec. 31 at their shelter off Quebec Street in Denver and The Buddy Center in Castle Rock.

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  1. altitudeattitude says:

    There are far more PEOPLE in need than dogs…when all of them are taken care of, then talk to me about dogs…and what’s up with this:
    “Over the next few days they’ll have a full health evaluation…”
    Health care for dogs while PEOPLE suffer…anybody who condones this has their priorities waaaay out of order.

    1. Sarah says:

      This is a story about dogs, how dare you say that do not deserve that treatment, what kind of person are you. Do not read a story about animals if are going to post a reply like that. Especially in Denver, a city known for its animal lovers.

    2. Sarah says:

      This is a story about dogs, how dare you say that these dogs do not deserve that treatment, what kind of person are you. Do not read a story about animals if are going to post a reply like that. Especially in Denver, a city known for its animal lovers.

    3. Dawn Romero says:

      So sad to see a person with no heart!!! I feel sorry for you. These dogs didn’t ask to be in this type of situation, but you probably can’t see that.

    4. plexi154 says:

      I assume that to mean you will be opening up your home to a homeless person this season.

      Please let us remember that humanity extends to all creatures.

    5. Heather says:

      Wow, Altitudeattitude, you need an attitude adjustment!

      These dogs didn’t ask to spend their lives in 2ft x2ft wire cages, bread 2-3x a year purely for profit, never to know the love of a human, a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears. Dogs don’t feel that they are “entitled” to things, dogs don’t bemone the fact that their neighbor has more and insist that the neighbor “share the wealth”. Dogs can’t help themselves out of their situations! People CAN!

      This is a wonderful heart warming story and I have pity for you that you can’t see that in saving an animal, a person might just save themself! Dogs bring unconditional love, devotion and joy. There is a reason that even during the depths of the recessions, people still wanted animals, because animals will love you no matter how little you have, they will love you no matter how bitter your attitude, and in the process, they might teach a bit about living and helping out ALL of Gods living creatures.

      1. AJA says:

        Hi Heather~

        I adoped a puppy mill dog from Kansas. She is a long-haired Dachshund and we love her to death. She fits in real nicely with out other two cats. I am not originally from Colorado, but I have noticed that people from Colorado LOVE their animals! I think that is so wonderful! I am so happy that the local news publishes this information. I truly hope that people check out the dogs and adopt a new friend! : )

  2. K Boyd says:

    Dogs can’t help themselves, people can.

    1. AltitudeAttitude says:

      Okay, K Boyd, may the world remember what you said…some day you may be sick, bed-ridden, UNABLE TO HELP YOURSELF, and I hope you are left to starve and suffer.

  3. AJA says:


    Please tell you friends and family about the animals available for adoption at the Dumb Friends League! A dog or kitten will love you forever. Animals provide comfort to us during difficult times in life. All that they want back in return in love. 🙂

  4. local says:

    what kinds of needs do dogs from a “puppy mill” have? I’d guess not used to being handled… what else?

  5. Gloria says:

    The correct name for the group is National Mill Dog Rescue. Check out their website:
    I own two former mill dogs…one of the greatest joys is watching them learn to play and most of all, learning to trust and love. Takes patience, but so gratifying and rewarding for both human and dog. Check them out. They are always in need of loving forever and foster homes.

    1. AJA says:

      Thanks for the correction, Gloria. 🙂

  6. AltitudeAttitude says:

    As I stated earlier, all you whining yuppie (w)itches have your priorities out of order…don’t hide your inconsiderate, self-centered greed behind an animal in order to make yourself feel better…it doesn’t change who you really are.

    1. Some1NeedsATimeOut says:

      Yo Michael Vick…..who peed in your cornflakes dude?

      1. AltitudeAttitude says:

        Very amusing…gfys!!!

      2. AltitudeAttitude says:

        Good For You Sir!!!

    2. AJA says:

      Sorry she dumped you. Let it go. BTW: I am not a yuppie ..never have been and never will be. Everything in life needs love…I hope you find it so you won’t be so angry. Your negative comments on this site lets the world know that you are hurting inside.

  7. AltitudeAttitude says:

    If you are such an expert and can make diagnoses via internet, why don’t you offer some help instead of a smart remark…what is it that makes you anxious to help an animal have a better life, but you won’t do anything for a human being???

  8. AJA says:


    I am actually in the process of obtaining a Masters degree in Psychology so that I can help human beings deal with their mental illnesses and disorders. I lost my job a while ago and instead of being bitter, I decided to go back to college and earn this degree so that I could hopefully make a difference in the world. I love people and animals—everything deserves to be happy….even you. The one thing that I did learn is that you are the only one that can make a positive change in your life, nobody else can do it for you. So, you can either continue to be angry at your situation and take it out on innocent people…OR…you can start your next day with a new and postive direction to your life. Stop focusing on yourself and feeling sorry for yourself. You are your worst enemy..make the change today.

    1. Donna says:

      I do not feel sorry for myself, but since I am housebound on oxygen with RA I have no transportation, no help from services that you mention, only my Dh who has a 60 mile drive to and from work. No didability I was turned down so no rides on the own bus to the Doctor or anywhere, and it has caused me great anxiety. Over the years i rescued 14 pets, worked with DARE, taught Art Therapy at the Alternative HS and now that I need it I can find no help for me and I do need it. It seriously does not make one smile, more like cray alot or feel the terror of anxiety I never had before.

      1. Donna says:

        Typo, this print is so light he has to drive 80 miles each way and he is 62 now, don’t qualify for anything I have searched for I am 55. They told me I waited too long to file for disability???? It hurts.

  9. AltitudeAttitude says:

    Too bad we don’t all have the privileged life that you lead…one thing you apparently have NOT learned in your studies is that text book answers and solutions for real people in real life are far different things…how much do I owe you for the session, doctor…oh, never mind, I can’t pay you…I don’t even have anything to eat today much less consider paying you…it makes me very happy to know, however, that every stray dog that comes along will get medical attention and a nice meal.

  10. AJA says:

    They are called student loans, Attitude. That is how I am going back to school and attaining my degree. For one thing, Attitude, I am not rich. I was raised by a single mother with three children who lived on cheese and hot dogs. I know what it like to struggle..many people do. I am sorry that you are struggling too but you seem to not want to change your current status so you only have yourself to blame. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on with your life in a positive direction. There is assistance out there for people like you, you need to take advantage of the care that is available. If you don’t have money for food, then how are you paying your electricity and internet bill??

  11. AltitudeAttitude says:

    They are called public computers, Ms know it all…
    Who pays for EVERYTHING you want or need while you are in school???
    I don’t have anybody who will hand me anything I ask for…
    Admit it, you have no idea how the other half lives, nor do you care…you only care about yourself…now shut up.

  12. Donna says:

    I tried to leave a reply the page refreshed and deleted my paistaking typing. Ack

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