COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Since 1924 Academy Riding Stables in Colorado Springs has been guiding people through the history and geology of The Garden of the Gods on horseback.

On the ride you get a great view of Pike’s Peak. Guides say you’ll see things that no one’s ever seen before. It might just be a different kind of bird or the way the light plays on the shadows.

“The thing that we want you to leave with is a good memory,” said Jim Mahan with Academy Riding Stables. “A good memory of the horses and also a good memory of the Garden of the Gods.”

Kissing Camels and Rattlesnake Rock are a few of the rock formations you’ll see on the tour.

“One of the most interesting things about riding the in park is when you put yourself on that horse about 150 years ago,” said Mahan. “You’ll see Colorado, the Rocky Mountains and the Garden of the Gods just the way our ancestors did.”

Riders are amazed at the rocks, the formations and the colors the Garden of the Gods has to offer.

“Every time you come riding in here it’s something different,” Mahan says. “It’s something that you’ll never grow tired of. Every time you come in the park it’s a totally new and unexpected adventure.”

Additional Resources

You can make reservations at Academy Riding Stables by calling 1-888-700-0410 or by logging on to


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