AURORA, Colo. – A man who had his home raided and marijuana confiscated 2 years ago faces new felony charges.

Kevin Dickes once again, despite holding a medical marijuana registry card, has been charged with cultivation of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute.

The former Marine first gained attention when he claimed he needed medical marijuana because he was injured by an Iraqi prisoner’s grenade. It was a story that was later found not to be true.

Two years ago Aurora police raided Dickes’ home, confiscating 71 plants after receiving a tip from a neighbor. The charges were dropped and his marijuana was returned after he produced a card showing he was on the state medical marijuana registry.

A fellow of member of his platoon came forward to say the P.O.W. incident never happened.

“Taking advantage of the system and lying to gain a license to do that kind of stuff is not what Marines do,” former Marine Rich Taylor said in 2008.

Military records CBS4 obtained show Dickes was actually discharged because “while on a ship, he fell.”

Now Dickes is charged with illegally growing marijuana in his home. It was discovered when two boys were arrested leaving his house.

“He said that my boys were burglarizing his home,” Karen Holstein said. “They were there to buy weed from Kevin.”

“They were caught by an Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputy and the Aurora Police Department jumping over a backyard fence in black hoodies with the hoods up over their heads wearing dark pants,” Dickes’ attorney Rob Correy said.

Dickes is hopeful the court will side with him.

The boys charged with burglary claim another brother had agreed to buy the marijuana from Dickes and they were simply picking it up when Dickes wasn’t home.

The attorney for Dickes insists his client is a registered medical marijuana user and caregiver and did not have more than the permitted number of plants in his home.


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