Fitting exercise into a busy schedule can be a challenge, especially for those who like one kind of exercise but know they need more of another — like yoga instead of weight lifting. One trainer is keeping Colorado fit by combining classes at Mountain Fitness Training Center.

The class isn’t just about yoga. After a few sun salutations, the group gets out the weights.

“If you’re just going to be doing yoga, it’s all about the mind body connection,” trainer Kristin McHugh said. “I mixed yoga with strength training and a little bit of plyometrics.”

McHugh calls her creation “yoga pump fusion.”

“You would think that it doesn’t go well, but it does,” she said.

It’s just the combination that Heather Keller was looking for to jump start her exercise regime.

“So far I’ve lost 10 pounds,” Keller said.

Keller likes the class because it’s different — mixing yoga poses with light weights turns into a heavy workout.

“You get the benefits of both, so that’s what I like about it,” Keller said.

McHugh came up with the class to streamline her own workouts. She didn’t have enough time for both yoga class and strength training.

“So you get all of this done in one workout, one hour, you’re done, no more workouts,” McHugh said. “I do this about four times a week and just that I’ve noticed my core strength has improved, I’ve built more muscle, it’s long, lean muscle from doing this class.”


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