Just a few miles off I-70 on the Western Slope, there is a place where dinosaurs roamed the earth. Today visitors can find all sorts of fossils and artifacts.

“Rabbit Valley is a Colorado-designated natural area,” said Brian Kurzel, a spokesman for Natural Areas. “It has very diverse plant and animal fossils.”

You can travel back to the prehistoric days courtesy the Trail Through Time in Rabbit Valley.

“We have a 1.6 mile interpretative trail so visitors can come and learn all about what used to roam this area,” said Matt McGrath with the Bureau of Land Management.

The trail takes visitors through a vast expanse of land where a large variety of dinosaurs roamed.

“Everything from little ankle biters to multi-elephant glued together sort of things,” said Harley Armstrong with the Bureau of Land Management.

The Rabbit Valley area is maintained in connection with the Museum of Western Colorado.

“The Museum of Western Colorado is a partner with the Bureau of Land Management in developing and interpreting the resources of this area, specifically the paleontological, fossil resources and the geology of the area,” said Mike Perry with the museum.

Through the years more than 4,000 bones have been discovered at just one quarry in the valley.

“I think the Trail Through Time in Rabbit Valley is an astounding place,” said Kurzel. “You can get out with your family. People of all ages and abilities can come here and enjoy the fossils, enjoy the views and just have a great time.”


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