Glenwood Hot Springs Resort Pool Health Alert: 4 Cases Of Cryptosporidiosis ConfirmedColorado health officials are investigating after four people became sick after visiting the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort pool.
Centennial Vapor Worried About Potential Ban On Flavored E-CigarettesWhen Mark Branson’s phone beeped with a news alert Wednesday morning, he didn’t expect it would hit him so hard.
Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children Doctors Use 3D Model Heart For Complex SurgeryA baby boy survived half a dozen heart defects thanks to doctors at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC).
Longmont To Spray For MosquitoesDue to a mosquito population that’s unusually high for September, a company contracted by the City of Longmont will spray for adult mosquitos Thursday night. 
Emily & Brian Daniels' Fundraising Efforts Help With Rare Cancer ResearchA young mother is doing well thanks to some groundbreaking treatment that started in Colorado.
Study: IUD Use Lowers Risk Of Ovarian CancerEvery 40 hours, a Colorado woman dies from ovarian cancer. It accounts for more than 22,000 deaths worldwide each year. 
No More Fluoride For Longmont's Water SupplyA Colorado city has stopped adding fluoride to its drinking water due to a shortage of the mineral that helps prevent cavities.
Woman Who Says Physical Therapy Changed Her Life Is Giving BackColleen Rapp is raising money for those who helped her get back on her feet.
9 People Sickened After Eating At Torchy's Tacos In Fort CollinsThe Torchy's on S. College Avenue is where the health department is investigating.
Kennedie Knakmuhs Celebrates 2nd Birthday Thanks To Liver TransplantA toddler in Parker is one in 100,000. 
Denver Health Focuses On Addiction RecoveryThe change is designed to help more people overcome their addiction.
Denver Health Launches New Addiction TreatmentsThe idea is to help patients transition from addiction to recovery.
Planned Parenthood App Helps Women Get Birth ControlThe app can help women who need birth control without going to the doctor.
2nd Case Of Vaping Illness Confirmed In ColoradoDoctors have linked vaping to nearly 200 illnesses nationwide.
Colorado Vape User Among Those With Lung IllnessThe serious lung illness is linked to more than 100 vape users.
Medical Experts Say Buprenophine Could Help Opioid EpidemicThe problem is that most pharmacies don't carry it or know about it.
Mom Hopes To Be Wtih Twin Toddlers After Skull SurgeryThe boys' mother hopes to take time off her job to spend time with her children.
Heat Wave Blamed For Smelly Aurora WaterThe water is safe to drink, according to Aurora Water officials.
Dangerous Algae Found In Other Lakes Across ColoradoThe blue-green algae has been found in Sloan's Lake, Windsor Lake, Faversham Lake and Prospect Lake.
Boulder City Council To Consider E-Cigarette RegulationsProposed changes in Boulder are aimed at curbing teen use, especially at the high school and middle school age.
Teens Create Mental Health Conversation Handbook For ParentsA new handbook, made by teens, promises to help adults better navigate conversations around mental health.
Rosalba Castillo Offers Free Haircuts To Other Breast Cancer PatientsA Denver hairdresser offers her services to breast cancer patients at Denver Health for free.
Several Urgent Care Clinics Close Leaving Employees High & DryEmployees for Metro Urgent Care clinics across the state say they are owed lost wages and benefits.
Doctor Available To Northern Colorado Families Through Virtual KitsA doctor in Northern Colorado says she is the first in the state of Colorado to use new technology to evaluate and diagnose children from the comforts of their home.

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