The drive takes place at the Northridge Rec Center on Wednesday.

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UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital Opens To PublicThe hospital will serve Douglas County residents.
Recovering Opioid Addict Shares More Than A Cautionary TaleA Colorado pediatrician is trying to sound the alarm about opioids being overprescribed to young people.
Hundreds Of Infections Caused By Dirty Instruments At Porter Adventist, Patients SayPatients who suffered infections after undergoing surgery at Porter Adventist Hospital are suing over its sterilization practices.
Teacher In Aurora's Life Changes When He Takes In Student As A Foster FatherFinn Lanning became a foster parent to one of his students who is suffering from kidney disease and needs a transplant, and the decision has changed his life.
'Psyched To Climb' Cycling Team Taking On Courage ClassicThe bike race raises money for Children's Hospital Colorado.
Pediatric Emergency Training Comes To First Responders Via RVFirst responders can now be better prepared for emergencies involving children. 
Colorado Health Reinsurance Plan Closer To Being CreatedColorado is a step closer to creating a program to lower health insurance premiums on the "Obamacare" individual market.
Number Of People Dead In Colorado From Overdoses DeclinesThe number of drug overdose deaths in Colorado decreased slightly last year but it still remains high.
New Option Aims To Help Allergy Sufferers Freeze Them AwayDoctors are now suggesting a minimally invasive cryotherapy for those suffering chronic allergies. It's called Clarifix.
Mom, Daughter Recovering Together After Preemie Birth, FluThe little one was born at 26 weeks but is getting stronger every day.
Woman Recovering From Ovarian Cancer Hopes Others Learn SymptomsThe 22-year-old underwent her final round of chemotherapy on Thursday.
New Technology Could Help Detect Lung Cancer EarlierIt uses high tech mapping of the lungs and a robot.
Marijuana May Motivate Users, CU Boulder Research SaysSo much for the sluggish pot smoker, this research suggests the opposite.
Living Organ Donors Celebrated With 'Laura's Bell'It seems impossible to thank someone enough for the gift of life.
Teens In Broomfield Can Trade Vape Pens For A Rec Center PassMonday night, people 18 and under can turn in a vape pen or electronic cigarette and get a free rec center pass for the summer.
Patients Of Dental Clinic Approached After Tool Sterilization IssueA dental clinic in Colorado Springs says some of its tools were not properly cleaned.
Health Officials: Denver Has A Drinking ProblemPublic health officials say Denver has a drinking problem.
Study: Energy Drinks Should Be Consumed With CautionIt's estimated about 30% of teenagers consume energy drinks on a regular basis.
Educational Campaign Offers Options Beyond OpioidsThe opioid epidemic has doctors and patients rethinking painkillers. At UCHealth, there is a concerted effort to educate people about opioids.
Mumps Cases Linked To Employees At A-BasinSo far there are six confirmed cases in Summit County.

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