Sen. Michael Bennet Recovers From Prostate Cancer Surgery
He is recovering at home and looks forward to returning to work.

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State Lawmakers Discuss Rent ControlThe bill would make rent more stable.
Congressional Measure Would Protect Hundreds Of Thousands Of Acres In ColoradoThe Colorado Outdoor and Recreation Act is the largest expansion of public land preservation in a generation.
Red Flag Bill Signed Into Law By Gov. Jared PolisThe controversial law will likely be challenged by some sheriffs in Colorado.
Red Flag Bill Signed Into LawGov. Jared Polis signed the controversial law on Friday.
Bill Would Seal Criminal Records From PublicThe bill includes some high-level crimes like manslaughter.
Sen. Cory Gardner Behind Bill To Stop RobocallsThe Colorado Republican is co-sponsoring a bill to raise fines against offenders.
Sen. Cory Gardner Works To Stop RobocallsGardner shared audio in a Senate hearing of a robocall to one of the members of his staff.
Colorado Bill Would Allow Local Governments To Control Apartment Rent IncreasesLocal governments would have control over apartment rent increases if a bill before state lawmakers passes.
Winter Driving Safety Bill Heads To Update StandardsA bill that would make winter driving safer is headed for the governor's desk.
Family & Medical Leave Program Not Agreed On By AllEvery employer in Colorado could soon have to offer workers paid time off to care for themselves, a sick family member or significant other.
Colorado Congressman Wants Congress To Have Access To ICE FacilitiesA Colorado congressman is leading an effort to give lawmakers easier access to ICE facilities.
State Lawmakers Want College Athletes To Be PaidCollege athletes make millions of dollars for their schools, and two state lawmakers say they should get a cut of the profits.
Colorado Animal Abuse Bill Gets Reintroduced In Colorado LegislatureThe bill, if passed, would bar anyone convicted of animal cruelty from owning any kind of animal for 3-5 years for a felony.
Cancer Won't Stop Possible Presidential Run For Sen. Michael BennetBennet is battling prostate cancer.
Bill Banning Conversion Therapy Heads To Gov. Polis' DeskThe bill bans the therapy from being used in Colorado.
Homeless Veterans Can't Always Take Their Kids With To The ShelterSen. Cory Gardner, Sen. Michael Bennet are trying to change that.
Michael Bennet Says Prognosis Is Good After Cancer DiagnosisSen. Michael Bennet revealed on Wednesday he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will have surgery during the congressional recess that begins on April 11.
Sen. Michael Bennet, Diagnosed With Prostate CancerColorado's senior Senator, Michael Bennet, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd confirms. 
Controversial Oil & Gas Bill PassesSweeping changes are coming to Colorado's oil and gas industry. The state legislature passed the biggest overhaul of oil and gas regulations in decades.
State Lawmakers Pass Controversial Oil & Gas BillIt's the first major overhaul to the industry in Colorado in more than 5 decades.

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