TTYM Video: Watch A Clumsy Fan Fumble, Ronnie Lott Fall And A NASCAR Driver Get Slapped

September 6, 2013 4:01 PM

ttym 955611 TTYM Video: Watch A Clumsy Fan Fumble, Ronnie Lott Fall And A NASCAR Driver Get Slapped  
by @TaraLipinsky

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It is all about thrills, spills and major errors in this week’s That Thing You Missed – check out the best mistakes in action.

Elway For President?

Columbus Dispatch (credit: CBS) 

I loathe criticizing another writer for making an error. Lord knows (as well as my former editors) I have made my share of mistakes and it is mortifying.

But. Seriously?

Thursday night Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning tied the record by throwing seven touchdowns in an opening season game against the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens –right? Everyone who even remotely cares about sports knows this.

Well, that is except someone at the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch who thinks it was John Elway that threw for seven touchdown passes.

Um, I don’t even think that ever happened while he actually was Denver’s quarterback – in the 80’s and 90’s.

Holy crap! Not even the legend that is Peyton Manning can keep John Elway out of the Broncos limelight.

Story via CBS Denver

Costly Error

When you score prime seats to a baseball game you imagine it going a few ways. A couple of television cameos, close proximity to the players and perhaps even scoring a coveted foul ball.

If you get really lucky a player will actually cross your path – but that’s more rare than lightning striking the same spot twice.

What you certainly don’t expect is to be sitting next to a man who will cause more destruction in ten seconds than a game ending grand slam.

Good news and bad news: these fans got both.

When Shane Victorino plunged into the stands to catch a foul ball, he managed the feat with such aplomb he left the crowd unscathed.

The same can’t be said for the overzealous fan sitting next to them.

As Victorino was being helped up, the clumsy man managed to destroy one woman’s cell phone by inadvertently knocking it onto the field. While apologizing profusely for the first gaffe he knocked a full beer into another woman’s face… and all over HER cell phone.

I assume he bought the next round.

This one’s worth watching on full screen.

Story via CBS Detroit

A Whole Lotta Shove

And it’s apparently not just sports fans that fumble. Former NFL Defensive back Ronnie Lott is now a college football analyst.

Watch what happened when HE got a little over-zealous during a post-game show.

Lott was making a joke and pushed his chair back. Unfortunately, the chair is on rollers and the set is on risers. So he ended up on his back with his legs up in the air.

Nothing appeared to be hurt with the exception of his pride, but I still wonder why the hell didn’t any of his co-workers bother to get up to see if he was ok?

Story via CBS Detroit

 ‘Tarpe Diem’

And if you thought Victorio’s catch was amazing – check out the grab in foul territory by A’s third baseman Josh Donaldson, despite the massive tarp on the field.

He dived over the giant obstruction and backhanded the ball as he fell in the crevice between the tarp and the stands.

Could this be the MLB catch of the year? Perhaps.

But, I think the bigger question is ‘why the hell are they allowed to keep the tarp on the field like that?’

And frankly, what I find more shocking than this catch is that some yahoo didn’t grab that ball out of his mitt.

Story Via

Slap Me Five

It doesn’t really get anymore NASCAR than this…

It’s not uncommon for tempers to flare off the track at NASCAR events. That’s what makes them so dang fun and frankly what else can you expect from a sport that’s heavily sponsored by Skoal and Budweiser.

But this week, one driver’s woman got in on the act.

Mike Skeen tangled with Max Papis during the final lap of the race and ruined Papis’ finish. So Papis whined about it during a post-race interview and that didn’t sit to well with Keen’s woman who promptly slapped him square in the jaw.

Hmmm… let’s get Andy Cohen on the line. How about a“The Real Housewives of NASCAR” series @BravoAndy?

Story via CBS Charlotte

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