TTYM: NFL Bad Lip Reading Is Back, Military Mom Surprises Son and What is ‘LeBroning?’

January 24, 2014 4:00 PM

ttym 620 rev TTYM: NFL Bad Lip Reading Is Back, Military Mom Surprises Son and What is LeBroning?

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week’s That Thing You Missed a hockey goalie goes MIA much to his team’s chagrin, a military mom surprises her son, a hockey goalie goes rouge and ladies and gentlemen may I introduce you to ‘LeBroning.’

 Flop House


First there was “Tebowing”, then last year folks started “Kaerpernicking.” There was also a brief joyous moment two years ago when my co-workers with excellent taste were cackling at the sight of New York fans “Bradying.”

Now, it’s video of “LeBroning” that’s taking the internet by storm. “LeBroning” clearly pokes fun at LeBron James for his infamous (and obvious) flops during NBA games.

Is it just me or does anyone else get the sense “LeBroning” is just a ridiculous excuse for prepubescent types to harass their educational professionals?

Story via CBS Detroit

Net Incoming

So, it looks like A-Rod isn’t the only athlete out there who likes to chat up the fans during an important game. 

This week Utah State University hockey goalie Keagan McHenry decided instead of blocking the net for the last 15 seconds of overtime in a game against rival Denver University – he would socialize in the stands.

And boy did he pay.

Despite being shorthanded a DU defenseman fired it 200 feet into the empty net to win the game.

So, in A-Rod’s defense at least he wasn’t actually playing in the game at the time of his indiscretion.

Find out what McHenry had to say for himself after the loss – via

Going For The Old?

Can you imagine finally making the U.S. Olympic team and then finding out this is the coveted uniform you’ll be donning as the world watches the opening ceremonies?

It looks like something my grandmother knitted me for Christmas and my mother forced me to wear to her house (I would be allowed to change in the car on the way home, however).

And just when the athletes thought their biggest concerns were terrorist threats.

Story via CBS Boston

 Read My Lips

Since we have to wait one more week for the Super Bowl and since no one in their right mind is watching the Pro Bowl… the only thing we football freaks can look forward to in the last weekend of January is the release of the Bad Lip Reading – NFL version.

Now I don’t’ think this is nearly as good as last year’s video, but I adore any effort to mock Jim Harbaugh and Tom Brady. The bit where Peyton Manning admits to being grossed out by old folks, allergies, denim golf jeans and Voldemort is an instant classic.

“I just now sat on gum…” also works for me.

What’s your favorite part?

Story via CBS New York

Heartwarming Hardcourt Hello

Ok, we’ve seen it before members of the military returning home from deployment to surprise their families.

This time it’s a little different.

For starters this military parent is actually a mother, not a father. And secondly she showed up at her teenaged son’s basketball game and the entire team is in on it.

The look on his face is priceless.

Never gets old.

Story via CBS Atlanta

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