March is Women’s History Month, so there is no better time than the present to grab the family and take advantage of some of the tremendous educational opportunities in Denver. From walking tours to special lectures, there are many different ways to learn all about the amazing women who helped shape the Mile High City. Sure, everyone knows that the famous Molly Brown resided in Denver, but chances are, you will be amazed at some of the other courageous women that helped to pave the way for women to be successful today. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate Women’s History Month in Denver.

Women of the West
Denver Story Trek

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in all of Colorado history is Denver Story Trek, which takes you on tours filled with the history and stories that have created this great city. Simply visit the website, select the Trek you would like to take and then either call the phone number or download the audio files to listen to a free story about each site. Visit the sites, bring along your headphones and prepare to immerse yourself in the stories of Denver. Celebrate Women’s History Month by downloading one (or all) of the stories in the “Women of the West” series. Included in the series are stories from Four Mile Historic Park, the Byers-Evans House Museum, The Molly Brown House Museum, The St. Stoiberhof Mansion and the Governor’s Residence.

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Denver Women’s Commission
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 913-8465

The Denver Women’s Commission is a fantastic organization that is devoted to enhancing the city of Denver, quality of life and ensuring equal and full opportunity for women. There are many different focuses and events that the Commission holds every month, including its involvement with a variety of women’s organizations, legislation and policy changes. A visit to the website is also a great place to start learning about women’s history in Colorado, it has tons of great information and resources to help inspire your education. Check out the Denver Women’s History Quiz or the Timeline of Establishment of Colorado Women’s Organizations. You can also learn specifically about African-American women in Denver or the history of Latinas in Denver.

Women’s History Night
Molly Brown House Museum
1340 Pennsylvania St.
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 832-4092

Date: March 27

The Molly Brown House Museum is already an icon of women’s history in Denver, so it’s a natural place to visit during Women’s History Month. Even better, on March 27th, the Molly Brown House Museum will open for a very special evening celebrating the mythical women of the West and their real historic counterparts. It’s a true comparison of fact versus fiction, and your task is to decide which is more interesting – the truth or the myth. There are four different times to enter, but tickets are sure to sell fast for this very special Women’s History Night at the Molly Brown House Museum.

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Denver History Tours
The ‘Weaker’ Sex in Denver
(720) 234-7929

Another fantastic touring opportunity in Denver is through Denver History Tours. This unfortunately named but very fascinating tour is scheduled to meet your needs, so simply call to make your appointment. The tour will cover the history of women in Denver, including the pioneers, the Native-American women and even some blush-worthy stories. The tour is designed to give you an insider’s view on what women of the time wore, what they cooked, where they went and what they did. It’s like a visit back in time to learn about the amazing women who helped found the city of Denver.

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History
Denver Public Library
Schlessman Family Branch
100 Poplar St.
Denver, CO 80220
(720) 865-0000

Date: March 10

Visit the Schlessman Family Branch Library for a one-hour tour into the lives of the women of Colorado history, put on by the Fairmount Heritage Foundation. This fascinating talk and virtual tour is in honor of Women’s History Month and will focus on the distinguished women that are resting at Riverside and Fairmount cemeteries in Denver. Once you have finished the talk, take advantage of the opportunity and browse the library to find some great books on women and women’s history both in Denver and throughout the country.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at