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A variety of Denver bands have called attention to the incredible amount of talent living in the Mile High City. The Fray, DeVotchKa,  Earth, Wind & Fire and The Lumineers are just a few of the bands beloved across the nation that call Denver “home.” Currently, there are dozens of immensely skilled and creative bands living in and performing around Denver. However, Denver music fans should keep their eyes on these five up-and-coming Mile High City bands.


In October, Altas released their debut full-length album, “Epoca de Bestias.” An instrumental post-rock triumph, Altas has spent several years honing their craft. Listening to “Epoca de Bestias,” the time and effort Altas invested into their work is clear. The quartet creates unique, thought-provoking music that’s beautiful and inspired. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch Altas perform live.

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Currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund his sophomore album, Covenhoven is Joel Van Horne’s solo project. Van Horne successfully funded his debut, self-titled album using Kickstarter last year, exceeding his goal of $2,000 by $1,267. Covenhoven is a symphonic folk music project named for a cabin Van Horne’s grandfather built in Wyoming. For fans of Ray LaMontagne and Iron & Wine, do not miss a Covenhoven performance.


This psych-blue quartet creates music that is most easily compared to The Black Keys’ early work. Earlier this year, Dragondeer released a five-song EP titled “Don’t That Feel Good,” and have been performing as much as possible. In their inaugural year, Dragondeer has made quite a name for themselves. It won’t be long before Dragondeer grabs national attention.

Plume Varia

Shon and Cherie Cobbs got married more than 18 years ago, however the couple didn’t form Plume Varia until 2012. Their 2013 EP “Prize|Enable” is an incredible dream pop effort that has left many Denver music fans salivating for more from this duo. Shon Cobbs told in July, “We are inspired to make beautiful sounds and connect with the places where we feel most vulnerable.”

Strange Americans

One of the most notable aspects of Strange Americans is the impact they’ve made on Denver musicians. Numerous bands cite Strange Americans as sources of inspiration. The band’s sophomore album, “That Kind of Luster,” was released in September and the band has been touring in support of it ever since. This Americana rock quintet truly creates soulful, spiritual music that will have you at least tapping your toes along with the beat. When you catch a Strange American performance, you’ll see why so many Denver bands admire them.

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