Top Spots For Organic Produce In Denver

July 6, 2016 6:00 AM

(credit: GrowHaus) (credit: The GrowHaus)
So you’re looking for organic produce? Home-grown, all-natural, healthy foods? Colorado is a great place to be if you want to eat healthy, and the summer is a perfect time to get in the healthy-eating habit. Head out the door to your local farmer’s market or organic grocery and you’ll find endless possibilities of healthy, tasty food.
Cherry Creek Fresh Market
Cherry Creek Shopping Center
1st Ave & University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 442-1837

Fresh-picked strawberries, home-grown corn, flavorful cheeses, delicious jams? What more could you ask for from a farmer’s market? You want music, chef demonstrations and gardening tips too? Well, you’re in luck. The Cherry Creek Fresh Market, open May through October, isn’t called the “Cadillac of farmer’s markets” for nothing. You’ll love spending the afternoon here — and you’ll surely end up with bags full of organic produce to take home!

Metro Denver Farmers’ Market
2628 WCR 49
Hudson, CO 80642
(303) 809-2865

Running for 38 years now, the Denver Metro market is the oldest farmer’s market in town, and for good reason. The quality and variety of goods offered is fantastic, and vendors come four days of the week to five different locations. Lakewood, Highlands, Southwest Plaza, Littleton, and Broadridge Plaza all set up shop for one day of the week with some of the state’s best produce.

Pete’s Fruits And Vegetables
5606 E. Cedar Ave.
Denver, CO 80224
(303) 393-6247

If you’re looking for someplace more grocery-like but don’t want to head to the chain stores like Whole Foods or King Soopers, go to Pete’s. Pete’s gets nothing but rave reviews for the great selection of vegetables and fruits, as well as their meat department. Fresh fruit is always available, and you won’t be disappointed by your options.

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Fooducopia’s Corner Store
1939 E. Kentucky Ave
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 722-7838

Fooducopia snags local, organic foods from small entrepreneurs in Colorado and brings that food right to your doorstep. The organization runs both a restaurant and delivery service. Much of the produce they use actually comes from their own farm, Oatland Sage Farm and Farmyard, a 26-acre farm that provides organic eggs and other items. Have an event catered, get groceries delivered, or just eat in the cafe — delicious finds like lemon poppy seed bread, organic kiwi, clover honey, English cucumbers and more are available for your benefit!

The GrowHaus
4751 York St.
Denver, CO 80216
(720) 515-4751

You can’t get much healthier than the The GrowHaus. A nonprofit indoor farm, GrowHaus is focus on food production, distribution and education. The site prides itself on being a “neighborhood-based food system” that gets communities involved in growing their own food. The 20,000-square-foot greenhouse has been renovated and now houses a wide variety of healthy greens. There’s also a hydroponics farm, aquaponics farm, mushroom farm, seedling nursery and permaculture farm — you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about gardening and more through GrowHaus!

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