Top Resources For Homeschool Families In Denver

January 18, 2013 6:00 AM

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The decision to homeschool your child is a highly personal choice, and one that can be completely overwhelming when faced with the task of how to ensure your child gets a full and well-rounded education. That is where these resources and support groups come in. These excellent, inclusive groups are perfect additions to your homeschool curriculum, ensuring a diverse and social educational experience for your children.

Colorado Homeschool Group

The Colorado Homeschool Group is a group of  parents and families all dedicated to ensuring socialization and inclusiveness for homeschool children across Colorado. Students ranging in ages from young toddles to teenagers are all welcome. The group also organizes field trips, co-op classes, family nights out, camping, activities and more, so you can ensure that your home-schooler will get plenty of socialization and diversity in his or her studies.

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Metro North East Homeschoolers

Metro North East Homeschoolers is another wonderful support group for families dedicated to homeschooling. The goal of the organization is to ensure a safe and friendly environment for home-schooled children to be able to socialize, learn, develop friendships and more. With plenty of field trips, park trips and craft days, your child will learn a ton while having a lot of fun doing it. Plus, every month, moms and dads meet up to discuss activities and socialize for an evening without the kids. This all-inclusive organization is another wonderful resource for any parent seeking support while homeschooling a child.

Homeschool Science Colorado

If you are homeschooling your child but science is not your strongest subject, this group may be the answer to your problems. Homeschool Science Colorado is a group that specializes in science-related field trips and activities and also competes in the Science Olympiad. This group primarily works for students from grades six through 12 and is perfect to ensure a positive learning environment specifically in the field of science. The Science Olympiad is a major focus of this organization, and a little healthy competition is certainly a good thing when it comes to science and education.

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Northern Colorado Homeschool Association
(970) 581-0511

The Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (NCHA) is another important support group dedicated to families in the northern Colorado area. This is a completely inclusive and diverse organization that would be incredibly valuable to any northern Colorado homeschooling family. The organization is broken into tween and teen subgroups to provide services that address the unique challenges of each group, along with plenty of fun activities and field trips. There are also monthly Mom’s Night Out, weekly park days, an annual science fair, camping trip and more. With NCHA, a homeschooled child can have a fully social and diverse educational experience.

Woodrow Wilson Academy
11355 N. Sheridan Blvd
Westminster, CO 80020
(720) 289-9230

Woodrow Wilson Academy is a little different than the other support groups, as it is a free K-8 public school in Westminster, with a satellite program designed for homeschool students. The Woodrow Wilson Academy offers a fine arts and enrichment program that is specifically designed to enhance the homeschooling learning environment. It includes free classes and programs for performing arts, music, art, physical education, science, creative writing and much more. These classes are held one day a week and they are a great supplement to an already full and diverse homeschool curriculum.

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