There are many wonderful and well-known museums located in the city of Denver. From the large Denver Museum of Nature and Science to the smaller museums like the Molly Brown House, Denver has no shortage of cultural facilities to explore. In addition, there are some fascinating exhibits coming to Denver, all designed to teach you something new and immerse you in a world beyond your own. Take a look at these great upcoming exhibits.

“The Unsinkable Molly Brown: Denver’s Heroine of the Titanic”
Molly Brown House Museum
1340 Pennsylvania St
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 832-4092

Dates: Now open through December 31, 2012

The name Molly Brown has become synonymous with the Titanic, and Molly Brown is also one of the most famous former residents of the city of Denver. Visit her home and the museum within to explore this unique and fascinating exhibit. The Molly Brown House Museum is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic through an exploration of Molly Brown’s role in the tragedy. You will learn all about Molly Brown, the Titanic and her role in the development of the great city of Denver.

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“A Day in Pompeii”
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
2001 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 370-6000

Dates: Now through January 13, 2013

When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D., the city of Pompeii was buried under 20 feet of ash. However, that same ash also preserved everything that was happening at the time of the eruption. For 1,700 years, the city was lost and then rediscovered in 1748. Today, Pompeii stands as an amazing study into the life of a different time. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science will be opening an exhibit showcasing sculptures, jewelry, household items and other treasures that were found in Pompeii. In addition, the exhibit will detail casts of the actual people frozen in time and covered in ash when the volcano erupted.

“Becoming Van Gogh”
Denver Art Museum
100 W 14th Ave Parkway
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 865-5000

Dates: October 21, 2012 through January 20, 2013

Vincent Van Gogh may be one of the most iconic and recognizable artists in the world and this exhibit will detail a special showcase of his signature work. You will be able to take a walk through more than 70 different paintings and drawings created by Van Gogh gathered from more than 60 different collections throughout Europe and the United States. Discover the story of Van Gogh through is paintings and get a glimpse into the formative periods during his impressive career. This exhibit requires special dated and timed tickets.

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“El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You About Africa”
Denver Art Museum
100 W 14th Ave Parkway
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 865-5000

Dates: Now through December 30, 2012

El Anastsui is a sculptor born in Anyako, Ghana. His work is primarily in the media of wood, fabric and clay as he creates art that is based on traditional Ghanaian beliefs. From driftwood pieces to full tapestries made from bottle caps, his work is tangible and impressive. This is the first full retrospective of his work, bringing 65 pieces that cover his entire career. El Anatsui has grown in popularity over three decades and this is an exciting opportunity for fans of the artist.

“Dana Schutz: If the Face had Wheels”
Denver Art Museum
100 W 14th Ave Parkway
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 865-5000

Dates: November 11, 2012 through January 13, 2013

If you aren’t familiar with the work of Dana Schutz, you should be. This young artist lives and works in New York City although her art is on display in most of the major museums in Europe and North America. Known for her keen sense of humor and her combination of fantasy, reality and horror, Schutz’s style is visually distinctive and full of vibrant colors. This display will be a survey of 10 years of Schutz’s career, featuring 30 paintings and 12 drawings, all created since 2001.

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