Top Mommy & Me Classes In Denver

May 24, 2013 1:00 AM

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You have a new baby in your life, and now your mind is filled with all the responsibilities and tasks that a new parent faces. One of the biggest questions is education, and why not start early with one of these great mommy-and-me classes offered throughout Denver? These classes are all designed to let mommy (or daddy) enjoy some quality time with your child while also enhancing some important skills. Many work with movement and/or music, and all welcome parents to enjoy the class with their child. So check out these great mommy-and-me classes in Denver.

Mommy and Me Yoga
Belly Bliss
300 Josephine St. Suite 10
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 399-1191

Belly Bliss has a wide variety of classes for you and your child to enjoy together. The mommy-and-me yoga class is designed for BYOB, or bring your own baby, ages six weeks to one year. The class will let you, as a mother, enjoy the health benefits of yoga all while bonding with your baby with interactive poses. The benefits to baby are strong as well, with help establishing good sleep habits, plus it is said to help relieve the symptoms of colic and gas in infants. So bring your own baby down to Belly Bliss and enjoy this yoga class together.

Nurturing Pathways for Toddlers
Inside Out Creative Movement
8985 E. Nichols Ave.
Centennial, CO 80112
(303) 829-3730

For the toddler in your life, try this nurturing pathways class, designed for ages two to four years. This class will introduce your child to a variety of musical instruments and movement concepts. It will also provide some fun obstacle courses all designed to help your child’s development. There will be fun props and more with the overall goal of laying the foundation for your child to be ready for school. It is an hour-long class for listening skills, social skills, musicality and expressive capabilities.

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Music Together
Twinkle Together
3250 E. 6th Ave.
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 333-1474

Introduce your newborn to the world of music with this fun class for you both. All adults will enjoy this class, regardless of your musical abilities, where you and your baby will enjoy singing, chanting, moving, listening and learning all about musical instruments. You’ll get information about your own child’s music development and you will be able to come together to provide a safe and creative environment for your little one. This class is geared toward newborns through five years old.

Dardano’s School of Gymnastics
2250 Kearney St.
Denver, CO 80207
(303) 355-0080

Get involved in a fun movement class with your child. This class is designed for children who are walking through three years old, and it has a minimal structure, which allows you and your child to enjoy exploring the gym and all the safe equipment together. Each week, the gym will be set up with a different gross motor circuit designed to help improve body awareness, visual motor control, social interactions, taking turns, balance and more. You’ll enjoy the use of bars, rings, trampoline and beams, so there will be a lot of fun ways to enjoy this class together.

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Baby Power
7505 E. 35th Ave., Suite 330
Denver, CO 80238
(303) 377-8855

At Baby Power, the class size is kept small, with a maximum of eight children per class, allowing each child/parent combination to get plenty of individualized attention from the instructor. The classes include a warm-up followed by mini-gymnastics and then movement and music classes with instruments. There are crafts plus show and tell for ages two and up. The class is designed for ages six months to four years and siblings are welcome. Plus, Baby Power even offers a free trial class.

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