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A classic French macaroon is something truly special. The meringue-based cookie is made from almond powder and egg white, giving the treat a light and delicate flavor that is unlike anything else. It also helps that you can make one of these delicious cookies in a rainbow of different colors and flavors, but it takes a very strong pastry chef to make the perfect French macaroon. If you’re on the search for a taste of France, you don’t need to hop on a plane. Instead, check out these great spots in Denver to enjoy these classic French treats right here in the Mile High City.
Wooden Spoon Café And Bakery
2418 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 999-0327

The Wooden Spoon Café and Bakery is the kind of neighborhood joint that you can comfortably visit for a quick cup of coffee, a pastry or a sandwich before beginning your day. It’s a small location with a pretty big menu, complete with delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast and tasty twists on classic sandwiches for lunch. When it comes to macaroons, The Wooden Spoon often has several flavors available, all with that perfect flaky cookie and sweet buttercream filling. The French Macaroon flavors change daily, so you may want to visit more than once to find your favorite flavor. Just be sure to stop in and pick up a few macaroons here, you won’t be disappointed.

D Bar Denver
494 E. 19th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 861-4710

You may recognize celebrity Chef Keegan Gerhard from his many appearances on Food Network but Denver is lucky enough to host Gerhard’s own D Bar. This delightful little hot spot is the best place in town to stock up on sweets, as made by one of the most popular celebrity chefs in town. You’ll often find many different flavors of French Macaroons here, lined up perfectly on a classic white plate, just waiting for you to take one taste of the classic meringue confection. D Bar is one of the hottest dessert spots in Denver, so swing by to check it out for yourself.

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Sugarmill Denver
2461 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 297-3540

When you find yourself in the historic Five Points neighborhood of Denver, be sure to stop in Sugarmill for a wonderful dessert experience. Enjoy the open kitchen as you watch all your favorite dishes being prepared, including classic French macaroons. You can grab the tasty cookies individually here, or try the French Macaron Sammie, which comes with ice cream, raspberry coulis and fresh berries. It takes an already amazingly delicious cookie and promotes it to full dessert with just a few extra ingredients.

Katherine’s French Bakery And Café
728 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 282-5888

For a classic European style bakery, you don’t have to get your passport and other travel documents in order. You can simply stop by Katherine’s French Bakery for all the best French pastries, quiches, cakes and cookies. When it comes to macaroons, you’ll find a mini version here, sold in sets of six, with one each of vanilla, pistachio, coffee, raspberry, lemon and chocolate. The flaky, sweet cookies are the perfect afternoon treat, or would make an excellent gift for someone special in your life. There is no better way to say “thank you” than with half a dozen delicate French macaroons.

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La Fillette
4416 E. 8th Ave.
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 355-0022

You could easily miss this adorable little bakery if you don’t know what you’re looking for but those who seek it out are rewarded with truly delicious French desserts and pastries. The croissants here are perfectly flaky with lots of flavors to enjoy but the macaroons are really something special. You’ll find a few different flavors, including vanilla bean, pistachio and passion fruit, and you’ll fall in love with the rainbow of different flavors. La Fillette means “little girl,” but there is nothing little about the massive flavors packed into each and every French macaroon.

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