One of the things that truly makes a big city even better is a vibrant and active culture and arts scene. With a lot of live theater, great local music, dance and visual arts, there are a lot of wonderful ways to explore the fantastic arts in Denver. However, figuring out where to start can be a bit of a challenge. That is where Twitter comes in. By following just a handful of the right people and organizations, you can get the latest information about all the big art happenings in town. Then, when your friends ask you for advice on where to go for some fun this weekend, you can pull up Twitter and look like a total art expert. Here are five great places to start when looking to follow some art enthusiasts in Denver.

John Moore

John Moore may be a familiar name. He was the theater critic for the Denver Post for several years and was voted one of the most influential theater critics in the country by American Theater Magazine. He is no longer a critic, however, and today he writes his own content for, an arts site that is dedicated to the arts and culture in Denver. John promotes the arts through many different ways such as articles about local theater companies or a fun photo series featuring all the working women of the Denver Theater Community (all wearing his cheap sunglasses). John also often features videos and interviews with many different people throughout the community, so a visit to will provide a lot of great culture content. Follow him on Twitter for the latest, and you’ll always be “in the know” when it comes to Denver theater. 

Eden Lane

You really can’t have a discussion about arts in Denver without talking about Eden Lane. As the host and producer of Colorado Public Television’s “In Focus,” Eden was always on the forefront of culture in Colorado. “In Focus” is saying its goodbye for now, but Eden is always working on new ways to help cover the arts. From theater to opera to dance and visual arts, Eden covered it all. Follow her on Twitter to stay up to date with Eden and her exciting new ventures which, rumor has it, have her circling the country learning about art and culture in other states as well.

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Denver Art Society 

If you enjoy the visual arts, then you must follow the Denver Art Society on Twitter. This non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting communities through the arts, and it has a very full and active website, What kind of information can you get from following the Denver Art Society on Twitter? You’ll know about all the latest openings, all the new galleries, what’s happening at the Art Walk this month and so much more. With a vibrant Twitter presence, you’ll find lots of great ways to support the visual arts in Denver.

Modern In Denver

Modern In Denver is the only magazine in Colorado that is dedicated to the world of modern art, architecture and design. When you follow Modern In Denver on Twitter, you’ll be the first to know about all the galleries in town that specialize in modern art and design. You’ll find out about new articles before they hit the magazine and you’ll get sneak peaks at interviews and other exclusive content. Modern In Denver has been around for five years now, and it continues to be one of the best ways to learn about the architecture and design scene in Denver.

Denver Arts And Venues

So here is where the Twitter handles can get a little confusing. Denver Arts and Venues has a Twitter handle that is very similar to the Denver Art Society, however it is a totally different organization. Denver Arts and Venues is an organization dedicated to supporting the larger arts and culture organizations and their specific venues in Colorado. You can get the latest on everything happening at Red Rocks, the Denver Performing Arts Complex, The Denver Coliseum, the Colorado Convention Center and more. Find out about events and big concerts, public art tours and so much more.

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Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at