Mobile Meltz(credit: Mobile Meltz)

Just mention the words “grilled cheese” and instantly memories from childhood start swarming in. The smells of warm butter, crisp bread and melting cheese seem to feel the air just at the thought. That comfortable feeling comes over you like when you were a child sitting in a warm kitchen after a long, cold day while someone prepares the gooey goodness. Grilled cheeses have come a long way since the days of processed American cheese between two slices of Wonder bread, fried in margarine. Check out these great Denver grilled cheeses for a more grown-up take on the classic, and get the memories flowing!

The Truffle Table Cheese Bar
2556 15th St.
Denver, Co 80211

Visiting an actual cheese bar where they specialize in pairing cheese with wine and other menu items is a great way to go when looking for a grilled cheese done right. They take the classic favorite to a whole new level with their two-year Grafton cheddar, herb pesto grilled cheese, and the bacon, Havarti and tomato grilled cheese with chipotle jam. On Wednesday nights for $40 per couple, including dessert, you can participate in the All You Can Eat Raclette Night. The eatery is gorgeous and makes a great setting for date night or happy hour with friends. They offer plenty of fresh-air outdoor seating in warm weather.

1062 Delaware St.
Denver, Co 80204

Gather is an eclectic little eatery that shares a space with Galvanize, a growing digital hub. Gather offers quick counter service and ample, comfortable lounge space to meet with friends or colleagues for a cup of joe or a quick bite. Don’t let the casual atmosphere fool you, their menu is pumped up with some upscale takes on classics like the grilled cheese with curry tomato soup. They are open for breakfast, lunch and cocktails and also offer catering.

Steuben’s Food Service
523 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, Co 80203

Steuben’s Food Service has the old school diner feel of the past with cozy booths and and high stools at the counter. And their menu follows suit with the classic theme. Classic burgers, huge malts, and favorites like meatloaf and fried chicken dot the menu, and of course, the classic grilled cheese! Steuben’s makes a pretty classic grilled cheese but the Muenster cheese they add really sets it off. Grab a cup of tomato soup for dipping and watch the memories of childhood fly by. Call ahead for quick takeout, or check out their food truck and have Steuben’s at your next party or event.

Mobile Meltz
Mobile Denver

Mobile Meltz serves up grilled cheese on-the-go and offers catering. They camp out at local Denver hotspots, so check their website, blog and calendar for where they will be and when. Their menu has everything from a classic grilled cheese where they build your masterpiece with your choice of two out of the six cheeses on their menu to the innovative apple grilled cheese with honey, apples and cheddar. Or, try the spicy and messy, and maybe the best, grilled cheese on the menu, the popper Meltz! Their take on the a crispy, fried jalapeno popper comes with cream cheese, chipotle jack and jalapenos. You will feel like you are in one of those Carl’s Junior messy burger commercials after enjoying this menu item.

Highland Tavern
3400 Navajo St.
Denver, CO 80211

Highland Tavern in Denver is known for great bar food, and an even better crown, but hidden on the bottom on their sandwich menu is a little, or actually a big, secret! They offer up a grilled cheese piled high with the delicious dairy dosage on your choice of bread. What really makes this grilled cheese special is what you can get on the side. Order their Tavern Tots which are huge fried tots that nearly minimize the tremendous sandwich with which they are served.

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