Don’t let your beloved pet feel left out this holiday season. From pet photos to pet stockings, the holidays are a time for all and Fido or Mittens wants to be in on the action. Sure, you can grab a few bones at your local grocery store, throw them in a stocking and call it a day, but why not spend a bit more time finding something truly special for the best pal in your life? Try some of these great gift options in Denver that are perfect for your dog or cat.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Doggone Fresh Breath Mints
Mouthfuls, Inc
4224 Tennyson St.
Denver, CO 80212
(720) 855-7505

Price: $5 per tin

It may be the oldest-known problem in pet/owner relationships. You love your dog so much, but his breath can be out of this world. Well, look no further as this is the perfect gift for both owner and pooch. These locally made doggy breath mints are truly fantastic and completely natural. Your pup will love them and you’ll be thrilled that he does. The packaging is perfect for a gift as it comes in one of those familiar-style platinum tins that will fit perfectly in your dog’s Christmas stocking. Plus, at just $5, you’ll want to get several tins for all of your pet-owning friends. They’ll be thrilled that you did, too.

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Group Swim Package
Hobnob Pet
8990 W. Colfax Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80215
(303) 233-8990

Price: $38 for five swims

It has long been known that “experience gifts” are some of the best you can give. So why not treat your pooch to the ultimate experience gift as well? Check out Hobnob Pet and its fantastic group swim package. Pick up this package of five swims and Fido will be thrilled. Hobnob’s pool is nice and large, so it’s perfect for even the biggest of pups. Hobnob uses as minimal an amount of chlorine as possible to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Swimming is fantastic exercise for all pets and even elderly pups will love getting in on this one.

A Raw Pawz Pet Meal
Raw Pawz Pet Deli
2804 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205
(720) 340-8084

Price: Meals start around $3 per pound

There is a growing trend towards putting your pet on a raw food diet and Raw Pawz Pet Deli is the perfect place to pick up a gourmet meal to see how your pooch or kitty likes the switch. At Raw Pawz, the staff custom designs the meal according to your specific pet needs, and it has a huge selection of raw meats, veggies and herbs to choose from. Available for both dogs and cats, the meals come in combinations like buffalo and veggie, chicken and veggie or even venison and veggie, so there is something for every pet. According to Raw Pawz, you just may see some great benefits after bringing raw food into your pet’s diet.

Cosmo’s Dog Biscuits
Cosmo’s Dog Biscuit Bakery
10111 W. 26th Ave.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80215
(303) 232-1477

Give your pup a very special treat this holiday. Cosmo’s Dog Biscuits are some of the very best treats you can buy. This is an all-natural shop that can provide both wheat or wheat-free versions. With treats like blueberry scones, pumpkin delights, peanut butter biscuits and even a very funny barbecue mail carrier, your pup will devour these special treats. Cosmo’s even custom makes treats for special occasions, so you’ll definitely want to take a look at all the great options for your pampered pooch.

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Paw Flapper or other Kyjen Toys products
Kyjen Toys available at Piltz’s Total Dog Supplies
15791 E. 51st Ave.
Denver, CO 80239
(303) 719-4629

Price: $17.99

Looking for a toy but sick of the same plushies and peanut-butter-filled messes? Check out the delightful puzzle toys from the folks at Kyjen. The Paw Flapper is one of the newer puzzle toys and features an eight-chamber puzzle that dogs must learn in order to retrieve their treats. Watch your pup learn how to lift different flaps to find hidden treats from within the toy, staying entertained for hours. All of the gifts at Kyjen are unique and truly special for your pets, so be sure to pick up a Paw Flapper or another great puzzle toy this holiday season.

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