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Denver’s food truck scene is gassed up and in overdrive. Whether you are looking for baking powder biscuits, Venezualen arepas, tacos or freshly frosted cupcakes, Colorado is home to a thriving food truck scene nearly every summer day and night of the week. On Monday, try ProspectEATS in Longmont, on Tuesday and Thursday Civic Center Park is packed with the city’s top food trucks and Wednesday and Saturday is farmers’ market food trucks. For all these food trucks, check the websites for daily locations and menus.

Quiero Arepas

What are arepas? This Venezuelan street food is corn flatbread that can be filled with just about anything including plantains, slow-cooked pork or beef, beans, vegetables and cheese. Here are a few menu items to tempt you to track this food truck down. The pabellon is a concoction of slow-braised shredded beef, plantains, black beans and gooey mozzarella cheese. La havana is quiero arepas version of a cubano, with thinly sliced slow-roasted pork and ham, Swiss cheese, food truck-made pickles wrapped in a corn arepas and topped with havana sauce.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart

Photo Credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart

Waffle Cakes

I dare you to walk by Waffle Cakes and not be tempted to order. The aroma is intoxicating; it’s like walking through the streets of Liege, Belgium. These thick and tender waffles are fine just as they are, just sweet enough with a crusty Belgian sugar crust. But if you must, Waffle Cakes offers sweet and savory toppings and fillings, including bacon, apple and Gorgonzola with black cherry balsamic; banana and Nutella; or a savory ham and cheese. Waffle Cakes also makes lattes, cappuccinos and espresso drinks.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart

Photo Credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart


When only the best will do, the same award-winning catering company’s food truck is the bomb. The staff is well versed in food prep, service and quality. The Epicurean food truck has mastered the wood-fired pizza. But that’s not all, the oven is also perfect for rosemary chicken wings and even right-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.

The Biscuit Bus

Buttermilk and baking powder biscuits aren’t just for Southerners, Denver has its own slice of Americana. Owner Drew Shader’s Biscuit Bus and parent-baking company, Denver Biscuit, are a favorite of Guy Fieri, The Cooking Channel and CNN. The Biscuit Bus menu includes southern traditional favorites like biscuits and ham, buttermilk fried chicken with pickles and, of course, sausage and gravy.

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The Denver Pie Truck

The Denver Pie Truck is gaining as much attention as its cake cousin (Denver Cupcake Truck) for sweet pies to eat on the spot or take back to the office. These five-inch pies come in yummy fruity flavors like apple, peach, blueberry and cherry. Or try the old-fashioned lemon ice box pie, or the a creamy, chocolate, banana or coconut cream.

Stick It To Me

Stick It To Me puts the world on a stick with Italian, Korean and Americana cuisine. These sort-of kebobs, sort of not, can be eaten as is, in between bread or on a salad. The flavors are complex but the stick makes them easy to eat. Try the chicken breast, glazed with lemon, garlic and sage; or an Italian stick sandwich with basil goat cheese, sweet caramelized onions and peppery arugula. The Korean stick is a sweet and spicy blend of pickled carrots and cucumber slaw, cilantro, jalapeño, drizzled with sweet sesame vinaigrette. Check the website for some great recipes.

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