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From silently drifting through the air at 3,000 feet to boarding a helicopter to fly over the city, there are several high-flying adventures to be had in Denver. The sensation of being a bird or an aloft observer is like no other in the Centennial State, with everything from airplane rides to learning how to fly one yourself. We bring you the top flying adventures near Denver.

Mile High Skyride
Boulder, CO
(303) 527-1122

Offering three distinctive flying adventures, Mile High Sky Ride out of Boulder is a trifecta for all things avian. With glider rides, warbird rides and balloon rides, there is a speed for everyone from silently drifting along the Front Range to speeding along at up to 200 miles per hour while being transported back to WWII era aviation. Whether choosing from the AT-6 or Spitfire warbird experiences, or the elegant gliding experience over the mountains or city, Mile High Skyride has an adventure for everyone.

Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Flights
Boulder, CO

(303) 939-9323

Starting early in the morning, Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Flights offers sweeping views of the Front Range from about 3,000 feet in the air. The sturdy wicker baskets offer a flying experience like no other. For an early-morning show, the inflation of the balloon itself is quite a spectacle and a wonderful photo opportunity while the early morning light filters through the colorful balloon as it inflates, a shadow puppet show of operators playing on the multi-colored fabric in the dawn light. Knowledgeable operators point out landmarks and give interesting facts of geology, history and local lore while in the air. A whole new perspective, the Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Flights is not to be missed.

Colorado Paragliding LLC. 
Golden, CO
(303) 909-6807

To take in stunning views of the Denver skyline from Lookout Mountain, try the tandem paragliding experience through Colorado Paragliding. Without having to control the apparatus yourself, you can truly enjoy a unique flying adventure along the Front Range. Make sure to book the photo and video service for a high-flying keepsake of your tandem adventure.

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Denver Helicopter Tours
Denver, CO
(866) 826-4206

Whether looking for the swipe of the copter blade high above the Mile High City or searching for a perfect proposal spot that will take her breath away, Denver Helicopter Tours’ helicopter rides are an optimal place to do so. Two thousand feet in the air, the landscape below takes on a whole new angle as it whizzes by, affording views that passengers cannot access from planes, trains or automobiles. Make sure to bring your camera for a breathtaking platform and opportunity for pictures.

ATP Flight School-Denver 
Centennial Airport, CO
(800) 255-2877

To take fate in your own hands, FAA pilot certification might be just the ticket. From Private Multi-Engine certification to Multi-Engine Instrument Instructor ratings, a wide variety of training and certificate levels are available through the ATP Flight School. Whether searching for a new and exciting hobby or working towards a career in the aviation industry, the sky is the limit with this flying adventure from Cessna simulators to single-engine Redbirds offered through the school.

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