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Reading stacks of fashion magazines and logging into national fashion sites is routine for a lot of people but these resources are only the tip of the fashion iceberg. For information that is specific to Denver, including trends, events, sales and more, local fashion blogs are a must-read. By staying on top of national and local trends, you open yourself up to many style ideas – you can even discover ways to mix and match different pieces. These five Denver-based fashion blogs are definitely worth bookmarking.

Couture Colorado
Denver, CO

With three different sections of the site dedicated to Weddings, Babies and Life & Style, Couture Colorado has a section to interest almost anyone. The Life & Style section is comprehensive, detailing trends in fashion, dining and nightlife, among other topics. The site also features a comprehensive resource guide with everything you need to shop and get made up in Denver. Couture Colorado reads much like any other Life & Style magazine and features several guest bloggers of differing expertise. This site is updated often so it’s definitely worth a bookmark.

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First Class Fashionista
Denver, CO

First Class Fashionista has a lot of fun content for those who like to be in the know. The site features celebrity news and celebrity fashion but it also features news about local fashion designers and events. The team is routinely invited to cover various events on the Denver fashion scene and sponsors different shows. It’s easy to navigate and easy to read as well. Be careful though; once you enter the archives, you may be prone to some serious time wasting as you peruse all of the different categories. It’s best not to check this one at work.

Ask Miss A
Denver, CO

This webzine features editions from several cities including Denver. It has a great mix of lifestyle content and is a great resource for finding out about fashion happenings in the city. It is well laid out and easy to navigate, and there are plenty of fun columns by which to be distracted. This site is great for those who like a mix of local and national content. The Denver editor lives here in the city, meaning the Denver edition is specifically tailored to interests of people here. Check it out for interviews, profiles, events and more.

Fashion Denver
1070 Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80204

With tons of experience in fashion and gobs of personality, Brandi Shigley is one of the most well-known people on Denver’s fashion scene. After shuttering the Fashion Denver boutique last year, she has dedicated herself to consulting with small businesses and enterpreneurs, but the Fashion Denver site lives on. In addition to sponsoring events that promote local fashion and hosting fashion markets, Fashion Denver also provides the skinny on local designers and other resources for potential designers, models, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts. There is also information for the services and workshops that Brandi now does full time.

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Denver Dress Up
Denver, CO

Rachel, the author of this blog, is your average Denverite. She loves to support local designers and mix and match new clothes. She is also very proud of her personality and loves sharing it with others. Denver Dress Up offers a lot of imagery and it a great site for people who are more visual in nature. There is a good mix of media, and Rachel brings her bubbly energy into every post. It is apparent that she loves what she does, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Definitely follow this site if you’re interested in seeing Denver’s up and comers.

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