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Do you like coffee? Do you find certain chain coffee houses have only bitter, burnt-tasting cups of joe? Then you’ll be happy to hear that the coffee culture is alive and well in the Mile High City. There are so many fantastic shops brewing up really flavorful, never bitter cups of coffee for the aficionados throughout the state. Whether you enjoy a cup to go or your looking for a place to bring home the very best coffee for your family, here are five of the best spots to pick up a great cup in Denver.
Steam Espresso Bar
1801 S. Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 952-9716

For the residents of the Platt Park neighborhood, Steam Espresso Bar is the place to go for the highest quality roasted coffee in Denver. You’ll get a kick out of the industrial vibe of the place and you’ll enjoy taking a seat as you relax to sip on such a carefully crafted beverage. The coffee served here is sourced from all over the city, from only ethical micro-roasters, so you’ll find truly fresh and very flavorful beans in every cup. If you like chai, this is another great place for it, as you’ll find the chai here to be a little spicier than other coffee shops as well. Visit Steam Espresso Bar for one sip and you’ll be a fan for life.

Little Owl Coffee
1555 Blake St
Denver, CO 80202

This new coffee shop could easily be missed. If you visit the website you’ll see that it hasn’t been updated since it was launched. However, do not mistake the lack of online presence for a lack of concern about their coffee, as this authentic Italian coffee shop is very much worth the visit. You’ll love the house-made almond milk and amazingly authentic Italian coffee. In fact, this shop was recently voted as one of the top 21 coffee shops in America by Thrillist.com. So don’t delay. Grab your best pals and head over to this unassuming little joint in LoDo to get a cup of coffee that is as close to authentic Italian coffee as you can get without a passport.

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Boxcar Coffee
3350 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216

If you haven’t heard of all the amazing things happening in The Source in Denver, then you may have missed all the best culinary news in Colorado for the past couple of years. The Source is home to several incredible artisan shops, including Boxcar Coffee from Boulder. This local shop brews coffee using a boilermaker technique, that is similar to using a French press style. The slow brew creates a very strong and very flavorful body to each cup, and you’ll flip for the taste. Grab a cup while you’re there, then bring a bag home to brew on your own and you’ll see why this shop has become a favorite of Coloradoans in Boulder and now in Denver as well.

Huckleberry Roasters
4301 Pecos St
Denver, CO 80211
(866) 558-2201

Located in the up-and-coming Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver, Huckleberry Roasters could easily be missed. The simple storefront building on Pecos Street is worth a visit, however, as it’s a great place to visit for seasonal flavors and truly fresh beans. You can get a pour over cup of the freshest roasts here, and you’ll want to have this cup of coffee black to savor all the incredible flavors that this roaster is known for. The seasonal blends change throughout the year, so once you sip a cup of joe here, you’ll become a fan as you visit over and over again to try all the different blends.

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Kaladi Brothers Coffee
1730 E. Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80210
(720) 570-2166

There is a reason that Kaladi Coffee is sold in coffee shops all over Colorado. Since 2000, the owners of Kaladi Coffee have made a very strong name for themselves creating one of the very best cups of coffee this side of the Mississippi. The coffee is all air roasted so the flavor is always strong and never bitter, so every cup is perfectly made. Whether you opt for a cup black coffee or you like your stuff a little sweeter, you’ll want to become a regular at the shop near the University of Denver. There are plenty of tables in the rustic joint so bring a friend and relax together as you see why Kaladi Coffee is such a favorite of coffee aficionados all over the state.

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