Cover bands provide niche entertainment that caters to our favorite hit songs of both then and now. Denver’s vibrant music scene includes some of the best of these bands, with artistry that spans across just about every genre, from country to 90s, rock music and beyond. The groups below will have you dusting off your air guitar and tuning up your lip syncing as they perform across the Mile High City. You can also find more bands listed in last year’s article, “Copycats – The Top Cover Bands In Denver.”

Nevermind The 90s
(303) 506-1144

Even if you are not a child of 90s, the tribute band Nevermind the 90s will remind you of the alternative music that rocked us all through that decade. This trio of talented musicians play hits from Third Eye Blind, Sublime, Green Day and many more. In fact, they bring a catalog of songs to each gig that they allow the audience to request, in effect tailoring each set for their audience. Nevermind the 90s’ energetic and dynamic performances fuel the group’s ever broadening fan base, making the band as classic as its music is timeless.

Exit 2
(720) 291-9056

Exit 2 gives country music fans a chance to escape to a world where things are a little simpler and a whole lot more carefree. This band mixes classic country with current hits, covering everything from love and life to war and beer. It also infuses its sets with some original songs of its own, giving audiences a blend of artistic creativity. Exit 2’s performances have been called ‘high octane’ and are guaranteed to get your boots tapping as you two step your troubles away.

Counterfeit Music Company
(720) 606-9903

Counterfeit Music Company is comprised of professional musicians who have spent a lifetime making music ranging from rock to opera. The group translates its combined eclectic mix of experience and backgrounds to cover decades of hits. Combining each member’s talents, Counterfeit Music Company plays what it refers to as ‘good time music.’ And its catalog of music is ever expanding as it invites fans to write in with song suggestions. The group’s intention, when opening each set, is to create a moment that extends to a memorable concert experience.

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(877) 716-7464

Covering today’s Top 40, Motown, jazz, pop and everything in between, Rockslide has dubbed itself a ‘Dance Variety Band.’ This 10-piece band performs all over Colorado as well as nationally and at select destinations internationally. It specializes in corporate events, weddings and parties with a promise to get your guests out on the floor, or cutting the rug as it were. And if you book the group for your event, it will learn up to three new songs specifically for you and your guests to enjoy.

That Eighties Band

No list of Denver cover bands would be considered complete without the mention of That Eighties Band. Not only is it one of the Mile High City’s most beloved bands, but it also has a prolific reputation for being one of the best 80s groups nationally. Tendering an extensive playlist of hit music, That Eighties Band has performed at more than 1,200 concerts, gigs, weddings and corporate events. Its electrifying sets draw in audiences of all ages and regularly pack the venues to capacity.

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