From Fido to Fifi and working dogs to show canines, Colorado has its share of four-legged friends. Good breeders spare no expense in health testing for the best assurance that the puppies will live a long, healthy life. Most also support their breed’s rescue missions, but do not contribute to the problem of full shelters throughout the country. With several breeders throughout the state producing champions to family companions, dogs are an integral part of our communities. We bring you the top dog breeders in Colorado.

Courtesy of Snow Pack Alaskan Malamutes of the Rockies

Snow Pack Alaskan Malamutes of the Rockies
Fairplay, CO

Kelly and Kurt DePeal have bred Alaskan Malamutes for more than nine years and are enamored with the breed. Sixteen miles from a paved road, these puppies and dogs are in heaven on nearly five acres of Rocky Mountain land. About breeding, Kelly says, “The one and most important thing that makes us who we are is the endless time and effort we spend with our malamutes. We have several generations that have been raised exploring different environments and testing their abilities to bring out their natural and native instincts, making them the wonderful malamute of the past.” This breeder believes that the temperament of the puppy and personality do come from the parents, which is why potential owners can meet the parents, uncles, brothers, sisters and more to get a “sneak peek” of what their puppy may grow to be. “It is our responsibility as a breeder to give every puppy we produce the best that we possibly can,” explains DePeal.

Courtesy of FlicKennel

FlicKennel Dachshunds
9801 CR 271
Westcliffe, CO 81252
(719) 783-2955

Specializing in miniature dachshunds for the last 40 years, FlicKennel provides interested owners with nearly every variation of the breed. From the popular smooth red, black and tan to combinations of patterns and various coats to include black and cream, chocolate dapple and fawn mottled dapple, these high-altitude pups are simply adorable. “We have over 40 years of experience raising, selling and showing dachshunds,” states Janet Flick “That means we produce the best personality, temperament, coats and bloodlines in our Colorado State-licensed AKC kennel where every pup is special.” From romping in their Westcliffe home to admiring each others’ fine coats, these doxies are bundles of happy energy in the Centennial State.

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Courtesy of Five Peaks German Shepherd

Five Peaks German Shepherd
Denver, CO
(303) 588-3987

Looking for a 100-percent German bloodline for your German shepherd? Look no further than Five Peaks German Shepherd breeders near Denver. Imported from either Germany or Bulgaria with 100-percent German bloodlines, these purebreds are well-bred family dogs. Breeding for more than eight years, Elaine Holt has world-ranked dogs producing puppies. “The majority of our clients are looking for well-bred family dogs, but we also produce show dogs and working dogs,” Holt explains. Well-adjusted German shepherds are her specialty, with a socialization program that leaves puppies ready for their new homes and confident in their new environments. “We also provide free puppy kindergarten with the purchase of our dogs,” Holt expounds, “On-going training and support are one of the many aspects that we are known for.”

Courtesy of Godfather Gundogs

Godfather Gundogs
42130 County Road 29
Elizabeth, CO 80107
(303) 549-5168

This breeder of the American Brittany breeds and trains bird dogs. From field trials on a circuit to horseback training, these are not your typical show dogs. Godfather Gundogs aims to breed well-rounded dogs on their natural abilities. “We are not a backyard breeder,” explains Steve Chang, “Our dogs are bred from educated mating and a passion for producing world-class bird dogs.” Brady, one of the Brittanys, can be seen on the cover of magazines as well as in the company of national champions. Professionally breeding since 1994, Chang is known for his elite breeding to AKC, FDSB and NSTRA standards. “Our dogs are outstanding in both the field as well as in the household, we expect nothing less of them,” explains Chang, “Dogs with issues are often results of poor breeding, and we only breed the best.”

Courtesy of Wild Wind Collies

Wild Wind Collies
2530 S. Meridian Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80929
(719) 683-2605

In the 28 years of breeding, Wild Wind Collies has produced more than 50 champions of both coat varieties of collie and a spectrum of colors. With a focus on health, the Colorado Springs breeder insists on the best for these precious pups. “We train heavily in obedience, herding and agility,” states Shelly Bergstraser, “making sure our dogs are not only beautiful but also very intelligent, trainable, willing and enthusiastic working dogs.” Wild Wind Collies stands behind its dogs for life and is always available to owners to answer questions and help.

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