Chatfield Reservoir (credit: CBS)Chatfield Reservoir (credit: CBS)
Summer is almost here, and there is no better place to hang out than by the water. Boating, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding and more, there is no limit to what you can do out on the water. Although Colorado is landlocked, there are many bodies of water in which to relax and cool off all summer long. Regardless of your favorite water based activity, there is a body of water to enjoy in the Denver area. Pack up the car, call your buds and head over to one of these popular summer locations.
Chatfield Reservoir
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 791-7275

Located in Chatfield State Park, the reservoir is a fun location for picnicking, boating, jet skiing and more. The park around the reservoir has plenty of biking and hiking trails, as well as camp sites and other outdoor activities. It also has a floating restaurant and a marina for a unique dining experience you can enjoy following your day at the reservoir. Fishermen and canoers alike also enjoy hanging out at Chatfield Reservoir throughout the summer. Daily passes can be purchased for $8.

Standley Lake
100th Avenue and Simms St.
Westminster, CO 80030
(303) 425-1097

Standley Lake Regional Park is located in the midst of a 2,300-acre park in the northwest metro area and offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lake serves as the park’s centerpiece and is a popular location for boating, fishing, hiking and more. Boats are welcome, but make sure to launch them from designated areas to protect the lake’s wildlife. The park also offers camping, hiking and more, and you can rent a tipi if pitching a tent isn’t your thing. A perfect wilderness area that is easily accessible makes the park a summer destination.

Clear Creek Whitewater Park
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 384-8100

One of Golden’s most popular parks, the Clear Creek Whitewater Park offers the fun of the river with all of the convenience of the city. Activities include tubing, kayaking and hiking, but you can also see people panning for gold in the river. The City of Golden offers kayaking lessons for those who want to learn how to take on the river. The park itself is a quarter mile and is near other parks as well as the recreation center, so you can head inside if the weather gets dicey.

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Cherry Creek Reservoir
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 690-1166

Cherry Creek State Park offers a plethora of outdoor activities in which to partake, including a field for flying model aircrafts. It is also home to the Cherry Creek Reservoir, a popular location for boating, fishing and hanging by the water. Daily passes are $9, and be sure to bring your pooch, because the park also has a dog park where he can play when he’s done playing in the water. Whether you want to practice your paddle boarding skills or simply want to hang out and make sand castles, you can do it by the Cherry Creek Reservoir.

Boulder Reservoir
5565 N 51st St.
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 441-3461

At 700 acres, Boulder Reservoir is a spacious park with many activities, including playing in the water. A popular venue for stand-up paddle boarding, sailing and swimming, the Reservoir offers fun for water enthusiasts. There is also a sand volleyball court and picnic amenities, making this a great day destination. The City of Boulder often hosts special events at the Reservoir. If you are interested in live music and local vendors, check the calendar to see what events will be there this summer.

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