Top Bloody Marys In Denver

November 15, 2011 12:00 PM

(credit: Alex Ruiz)

Bloody Marys are often enjoyed during a leisurely brunch or anytime that a cocktail calls for a bit of crunchy vegetable, be it celery, olive or asparagus. This list offers a selection that’s sure to please just about everyone who enjoys a tomato-based drink to get the day started.
bloody mary at steubens Top Bloody Marys In Denver

Bloody Mary's at Steuben's are a can't miss. (credit: Alex Ruiz)


523 East 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203-1329
(303) 830-1001

At $7 for a smallish glass, Steuben’s Bloody Mary is not the cheapest one you’ll find in town, but it is quite possibly the best. A full-bodied and thick tomato flavor with a slow-building heat, they seem to have this recipe down to an art. Steuben’s emphasizes quality over quantity, and it’s well worth it. Highly recommended is the bacon bloody – they infuse the vodka with bacon in-house – which adds the perfect flavor and saltiness to this classic beverage. With just a lime as a garnish, the drink is simple, savory, and sublime.

bloody Top Bloody Marys In Denver

Jelly's features quite a creative bloody mary (credit: Alex Ruiz)


600 E. 13th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 831-6301

Jelly, a relative newcomer to the Denver brunch scene, has in their short time perfected a bloody mary recipe. Thick and full-flavored, it has strong pepper, Tabasco, and vinegar flavors, with a good amount of heat. The house bloody at $5, comes garnished with two olives, a lime, and a pickled green bean that is mighty tasty. However their two specialty bloodys step it up a notch. The Bloody Mary Salad $6, comes with the basic garnishes as well as a carrot, celery, and a pepperonccini. The Shrimp Cocktail Cocktail $6.50, with three shrimp and celery. Whichever style you choose, you’re guaranteed Bloody Mary deliciousness. We hear their doughnuts are pretty good, too.

Lucile’s Creole Café

South Logan Street
Denver, CO
(303) 282-6258

With their Cajun fare and flair for spice, Lucile’s was a shoe-in for the best Bloodys list. That being said, their house Bloody Mary at $7 is surprisingly un-spicy. Despite the lack of heat, Lucile’s Bloody is still a tasty treat – complete with a southern-style garnish that includes celery, an olive, okra, and a skewered shrimp. The Bloody itself has a hint of cocktail sauce to it, rounded out with a nice tomato flavor and some Cajun spice on the rim of the glass. Everything about this Bloody tastes fresh, making it surprisingly refreshing – and easy to follow up with a second.

dsc 0088 Top Bloody Marys In Denver

Racines (credit: Paul Harris)

Racine’s Restaurant

650 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203-3510
(303) 595-0418

Racine’s is large, spacious, and a thoroughly pleasant place to enjoy a Sunday morning beverage and brunch. The house specialty Bloody Mary is made with pepper-infused vodka, which gives it a nice kick and a good amount of spice. The flavor of this Bloody is stronger than most, and grabs you at the first sip. Garnished with a pickle and a lime, this drink would pair well with an eggs benedict but stands on it’s own just as well. Coming in at $5.25 for a full pint glass, it’s also one of the least expensive Bloodys in town.

Gallup Cafe

2401 W. 32nd Ave
Denver, Colorado 80211
(303) 455-5650

Gallup’s Bloody Mary’s had to be mentioned because they are quite literally the size of a small child’s head. Garnished with a veritable salad and accompanied by a few ounces of beer, it will satisfy even the thirstiest Bloody Mary drinker’s desires. What this Bloody lacks in heat it makes up for in well-rounded, tomato-ey flavor that leaves you satisfied. Not to mention, it’s really fun to drink out of the soup-bowl sized glass. Enjoy Gallup’s patio on a sunny, leisurely Sunday. And maybe take a friend to help you with your Bloody.

– Nicole Relyea is a Denver-based freelance writer. Reach her at, find her online at or on Twitter @NicoleinDenver.