Cooler weather is a permission slip to put on a bulky sweater and indulge in something a little heavier than a scoop of sorbet. These Denver establishments are sweet on desserts that embrace fall. Bring a friend and sample more than one delight. These treats are sure to please all palates and will get you ready for the approaching holiday season.

Caramel Corn Drumstick from Euclid Hall (credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart)

Euclid Hall
1317 14th St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 595-4255

A sausage and beer hall may not seem like the perfect place for dessert, but Euclid Hall is a bit different than other beer joints. It puts food on par with the beer and that includes dessert. A perfect partner with a glass of dark stout is the caramel corn drumstick. It’s a grown-up take on two childhood food memories, drumsticks and caramel corn. The waffle sugar corn is filled with popcorn ice cream and coated with a chocolate shell then topped with glazed caramel corn. This take on a childhood favorite will bring back fond memories, especially when you get to the bottom of the cone, where a solid slab of chocolate awaits.

Lemon Meringue Tart from D Bar (credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart)

D Bar
1475 E. 17th Ave.
Denver CO 80218
(303) 861-4710

At press time, D Bar was still in the planning stages for its fall dessert menu, so nothing is written in stone yet (or rock candy in this case). But if you have a chance to try out its lemon meringue tarts, don’t pass it by. These are bite-size beauties of sweet whipped egg whites and tart lemon curd. Other D Bar favorites include bag-o-donuts; 10 cinnamon sugar donuts with vanilla, caramel and chocolate sauce. D Bar’s dessert menu changes with the seasons and in the fall, selections always include a delightful apple dessert. Check the website for the new fall menu.

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Crave Dessert Bar and Lounge891 14th St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 586-4199

Crave has just the thing for dipping temperatures and heartier appetites: a mile-high Guinness chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse, chocolate and caramel. Pair it up with a cocktail or dark cup of coffee for the perfect flavor partner. Crave’s other cakes include a carrot cake with cream cheese icing, brown butter caramel, vanilla anglaise and caramelized carrot as well as the Denver favorite of red velvet cake. Crave also has a fall dessert cocktail menu coming out as soon as the first leaf falls.

Marczyk Fine Foods
770 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 894-9499

With two convenient locations in Denver, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a treat from this spot. While most grocers buy their pies frozen, bake them in the store and label them as freshly baked, Marczyk Fine Foods’ pies are the real deal. Marczyk makes its own crust from Plugrá butter and rendered lard from Niman Ranch pork, peels and slices the apples and bakes them in the store. Fall pie flavors include pumpkin, chocolate chunk pecan, pecan and of course, cinnamon apple. All pies are sold by the slice or as a whole pie.

Cakeheads Bakery
82 Inverness Drive E., Suite E
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 627-7301

Cakeheads Bakery’s whoopie pies are nothing like the kind wrapped in cellophane at the convenience store. These whoopie pies are authentically New England with soft cake and dreamy buttercream filling. The pumpkin cream cheese is a fall favorite with a spicy and warm cake sandwiching a rich cream cheese filling. Other favorite flavors include classic chocolate and vanilla, peanut butter and jelly, pistachio, red velvet and limoncello. Cakeheads also makes cupcakes, specialty cakes and bars.

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Kimberly Lord Stewart is a food author and journalist for CBS Denver local, Organic Food Reporter for, and the Food, Wine and Spirits editor for Denver Life magazine. Her book, “Eating Between the Lines” tells readers about the truth and myths of food labeling. Stewart is the recipient of two Association of Food Journalist awards for food news reporting and the Jessie Neal Business Journalism award. Her work can be found at