The latest and greatest trend in ensuring a happy and productive workplace is becoming a pet-friendly environment. Studies and articles are being released all the time proving that employees that bring their dogs to work are far more productive, and therefore provide more value to their organization, all because they are allowed to have their best pal sitting by their feet at their cubicle all day. In addition, having your pooch at work ensures that you will have to get up and take him for a short walk every few hours, which keeps employees healthier and happier year round. Take a look at some of these great dog-friendly workplaces around Denver.

The Tattered Cover (credit: CBS)

The Tattered Cover (credit: CBS)

The Tattered Cover
1628 16th St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 436-1070

As one of the biggest and best independent booksellers in the country, The Tattered Cover is already a favorite destination of locals and tourists alike. However, the owner Joyce Meskis reportedly does allow employees to bring their well-behaved dogs to work behind the scenes. Of course you won’t see pooches roaming the self-help section, but in stock rooms and employee-only areas, dogs are allowed.

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American Humane Association
63 Inverness Drive E.
Englewood, CO 80112
(800) 227-4645

It certainly makes sense that the American Human Association is a pet-friendly workplace, and it seems that the organization takes being pet friendly very seriously, with pet gates at just about every door to help control the pet traffic. It is an organization dedicated to ensuring a good quality of life for pets, so the ability to bring pets to work seems a natural connection.

2162 Market St.
Denver, CO 80205
(888) 310-5327

EffectiveUI is a user experience agency, working primarily with creating very user-friendly web and software experiences for some very large clients. It seems that EffectiveUI goes even further with ensuring the employee experience as well. It allows pets to join their owners for work in the hip downtown office. It’s a smaller organization, but one that has been making a big name for itself in the user experience industry. It is just another example proving that if you enjoy going to work, you’ll be more productive and more valuable to your employer.

David Littman, P.C.
1772 Emerson St.
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 832-4200

Denver family law attorney David Littman also ensures a pet-friendly work environment for his small practice, which operates out of a Victorian home in Denver. Littman takes his stance on being a dog-friendly employer seriously, as it even states on his website that it is a dog-friendly environment. As new clients come in to seek his help, having friendly pups and pooches around certainly must put them at ease. He is just another smaller employer proving how valuable a pet-friendly workplace can really be, to both employees and clients.

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Camp Bow Wow
4295 Northpark Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 260-9247

Of course, working at a doggy daycare facility would be an excellent place to bring your dog to work every day. And Camp Bow Wow is happy to allow employees to bring their special pals in to work with them for every shift. It seems that most of the employees are happy to take advantage of that policy as well, with employee dogs mingling with the daycare dogs all day. It’s a match made in doggy heaven.

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