D&F Daniels and Fisher Tower(credit: CBS)

According to VisitDenver.org, people began flocking to the Denver area in 1858 when a group of prospectors came to the territory to strike it rich in the Rockies. Following the introduction of railroads in the area, Denver became a commercial hub in the area, which attracted a wealth of people. In 1910, the Daniels and Fisher Department Store commissioned architect Frederick Sterner to design the now iconic clock tower, which is one of Denver’s most recognized features. Having undergone a couple of restoration efforts, the tower is still a gorgeous fixture on the 16th Street Mall, and it is an ideal spot for experiencing Denver history.
The Daniels And Fisher Tower
1601 Arapahoe St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 293-0075
www.clocktowerevents.comAs one of Denver’s oldest and most iconic buildings, the Daniels and Fisher Tower is an often overlooked part of the landscape. While many residents recognize the clock tower, and appreciate the colorful lighting that corresponds with various events, they don’t often ponder on its history. Built in 1910, the tower was the city’s first “skyscraper,” and is all that remains of the Daniels and Fisher Department Store. It has been saved from demolition by many history buffs, and still serves as a historic destination. As part of one of the largest department stores in the early 20th century, this tower is part of Denver’s economic and architectural history. Its interior features intricate details, including a spiral staircase that is no longer common in buildings today.

History ToursLearn about the building and the city itself on one of the weekly Saturday guided history tours. For $10 a person, guests are treated to a tour of the 17th – 21st floors, including the floor with the legendary clock. The tour covers history of Daniels and Fisher, a guide to some of the architectural detailing found in the building and tales of events that have occurred in the building throughout its history. The tower itself was modeled after a similar building in Italy, and features several odes to that architectural style. Tours run for about 45 minutes, and reservations are encouraged, as they tend to fill up.

Private EventsFor a unique touch for any event, rent the top floor of the Daniels and Fisher tower. The intimate venue offers a stunning view of the city, and the iconic clock makes for a memorable backdrop. The D&F tower is available to rent for events, including parties, weddings and corporate meetings. Rates range from $500 to $4,000, depending on the nature of event and the time and day of the event, with Saturday nights being the most pricey. Along with standard events, the tower can also be rented for private photo shoots, proposals and other uses.
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Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret
www.lannies.comLocated in the basement, Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret is one way to spend a fun night out on the town. The venue hosts shows of many varieties, including its famous burlesque show. Upcoming shows include the Shelvis Show (a night full of female Elvis impersonators) and a concert by Melissa Manchester. Lannie’s has an excellent menu, making it a one-stop shop for dining and entertainment. Tickets to the shows are usually around $20, but may be higher for special events.

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