DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tanya At The Byers-Evans House

June 11, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr denver1 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tanya At The Byers Evans House

“They showed a llama in the backseat of the car. Shows you there is some legroom.”

The Ride
The Driver: Tanya
Car in Question: 2007 Honda Fit
Spotted at: The Byers-Evans House, 1310 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204
Odometer: 59,113
Car’s Nickname: Fireball


Q: You’re driving a lovely orange car that matches your lovely hair. Do you call your hair color orange or do you call it red?

A: I call it red.

Q: Did you choose the color based on your hair? Because it does go well.

A: No so much on my hair color, but I did choose it because I love the color.

Q: Tell us the story behind getting this car. How did you come about it?

A: We had a five-year-old car just out of warranty and went camping. We got stuck down in Colorado Springs. We had to leave that car at a service station down there. They were very slow in fixing it, two weeks. We had been looking for a sub-compact car for a really long time. My husband–commuting to Boulder–decided we really needed something that got good mileage. Now just seemed the time, while our car was stuck in Colorado Springs. We went out and bought a new car.

Q: Were you interested in the Honda Fit before then?

A: We were interested in a sub-compact with really high gas mileage. One thing we noticed in the brochure was that they showed a llama in the backseat of the car! His head was sticking out the window. The fact that a full-sized llama was standing–I think they had the seat flipped up–in the backseat shows you there is some legroom in there.

Q: Was the head out the backseat window?

A: The backseat window.

Q: That’s a lot of room back there. Standing, not laying down?

A: Standing.

Q: Huh. And what kind of activities do you do with the car? Anything fun?

A: If we have a long drive, we will often take it. By long, I say, an hour or less. If we’re going to go hours into the mountains and go camping, we’ll take the other car. If we’re just going for the day, we’ll often take the Fit.

Q: Do you take this car camping too? Is there enough room for your family’s stuff?

A: I think there is, my husband does not.

Q: So today we are in front of the Byers-Evans House Museum. I have heard rumors that this is a haunted house.

A: I have too.

Q: If you could chose any–obviously dead–person to haunt your car, who would you choose?

A: Right. Mark Twain might be a fun car companion.

Photos and interview by Heather Ruch

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