Someone once told me, “It’s tough to screw up a sandwich.” But I disagree. A sandwich, one of the most basic of the Moody Food Groups, is a work of art like any complex recipe in a high end restaurant. It can be too big, too small, too overwhelming, too flimsy, too much and not enough. Here are some delis I return to on a regular basis.


Spicy Pickle

Various Denver Locations

The Spicy Pickle is a wonderfully creative sandwich and Panini restaurant that adds in some wonderful soups to make the perfect lunch. You’ve gotta try the chicken noodle. I love that stuff. It’s a place that my family and I return to on a regular basis, just out of sheer wonderfulness.

Materpiece Deli (credit: Andy McDonnell)

Masterpiece Delicatessen

1575 Central Street
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 561-3354

Great sandwiches are built from great materials. Just looking through the Masterpiece deli selection – you see great materials – meats, cheeses – everything that goes into making a wonderful sandwich experience.

Jimmy john's (credit: CBS)

Jimmy john’s (credit: CBS)

Jimmy Johns

Various Denver Locations

A national chain that makes a good sub for a quick take home meal.



Various Denver Locations

Quiznos is a locally operated chain that has had some of the weirdest commercials in history but makes some of the best toasted sandwiches to be found. Always a favorite with me.

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