There are lots of spots to get a good workout in Denver, but with a city as fit as this but some gyms are going to provide that little extra something that will drive you to the edge. Denver offers gyms from the very elite athlete workout centers to east-meets-west overall wellness centers. There’s the Denver gym for you if you benefit from group activities and classes, if you prefer to maintain your own independent focus, or if you have a child or a family to bring to your workout. These fitness centers below do it right, they offer trainers who will help you find your comfort zone so you can come ever closer to being at peak fitness and attain your weight loss and fitness goals.

Former Broncos player Tom Nalen works out at BodyLab in 2010. (credit: CBS)

BodyLab Fitness

107 N Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
(720) 475-1566

When former Broncos lineman Tom Nalen got some bad news from his doctor that his cholesterol level was through the roof, he decided to head over to BodyLab. His workouts there, plus the new habit of counting calories, led to a loss of about 60 pounds. Nalen now works out three times a week at this Denver gym under the watchful eye of head trainer Matt D’Amico, and he credits the crew at BodyLab for helping him maintain his ideal weight. BodyLab takes your fitness seriously, with their innovative nutritional monitoring and coaching sessions, comprehensive and intense workout plans for persons of all levels, while maintaining a hip and fun environment of dj-infused motivational music, and trainers who can level with your fitness goals and vibrant lifestyle.

CBS4's Greg Moody works out at Matrix in 2008. (credit: CBS)

Matrix Fitness & Spa

925 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 863-7770

Denver has its own pulse of thriving and diverse energy – and so does its Matrix Fitness & Spa. Located near 9th and Lincoln on your way to downtown, within the gorgeous beauvallon high rise and shopping center, is a city workout center with everything your heart desires. You’ll find yoga, pilates, cycling, boot camps and other classes, a full service renowned spa, great social events, but more importantly a full range of sports specific and rehabilitation programs. Matrix’s trainers will help you analyze your body indexes, offer nutritional advice, and help you create your own personalized workout plan to achieve your goals.


Lakeshore Athletic Club

300 Summit Boulevard
Broomfield, CO 80021
(303) 729-4300

Why not get fit with your family with a big smile on your face while exercising and adventuring around Lakeshore Athletic Club at Flatiron in Broomfield? Lakeshore offers an amusement park of exercising facilities, such as a NBA size basketball court, a spa and outdoor water park, a variety of group classes held in the pool and on floor, outdoor tennis courts, a rock climbing wall, and much more. You can simply workout in the wonderfully wide and open facility or even join a basketball or volleyball league. Who said getting fit couldn’t also be fun?


Genesis Fitness

2373 15th Street #101
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 837-1234

There’s nothing that can quite give a swift kick to your adrenaline and light a candle under you know what than Genesis Fitness boot camps. If you’ve tried the same ol’ treadmill and lifting regimes, even gotten bored with aerobic group classes, a boot camp might be just the thing for you. Genesis Fitness will guide and discipline you through a variety of different “boot camps” one week to five week classes that will have you kick boxing, jump-roping, running around Denver parks, even moving logs and tires – what fun! It is a discipline and their workout center is meant just for the classes, but it can be a great way to lose that weight fast and get into an optimal and routine workout schedule.


Pura Vida Fitness & Spa

2955 East 1st Avenue, suite 200
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 321-7872

Pura Vida Fitness and Spa is a total health and fitness wellness center, with a most modern and clean design, offering luxuries like that of a high-end resort center, fitting right in with the lure of Cherry Creek. But you don’t have to be high end to find health here, you just have to have an open mind and an ambition to exercise your body from the inside out. You’ll enjoy yoga and pilates classes, indoor group rowing, kinesis, individualized workshops, and many other amenities and services. And be sure to take advantage of their holistic nutrition services, where they can help you get fit by starting with your diet, your choices, your energy levels and overall balance of body.

Qi Athletic Club & Kinesis Studio

3121 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 993-4041

A relatively recent concept introduced to Denver and North America is Qi, or “Ch’i”, coming from centuries in China that explains the energy that channels throughout your body, and how it is cultivated can make or break your attitude or physical abilities. This a general philosophy behind Qi Athletic Club & Kinesis Studio, where they guide your workout to involve movement throughout your body, and your mind, combining breath, core strength training, endurance, flexibility and balance. You’ll find this in the variety of classes they offer, yoga, personal training and Kinesis, even by joining along with the City Park Running Club who meets at Qi, running 3-5 miles throughout the city and parks with a fun, motivating group!

Planet Fitness (credit: Hannah Tran)

Planet Fitness

3265 South Wadsworth Boulevard
Lakewood, CO 80227
(303) 985-8888

So you’re looking to get fit and don’t have the need for high prices, high judgments, fancy amenities, and foo-foo philosophies, just give me the space and equipment to do my own thing, you say. Well Planet Fitness might be the place for you. They pride themselves on being one of Denver’s least expensive gyms, with low-cost sign-up deals, and an average of $15 monthly. You won’t find a spa, pool or child care center, but what you will find is an appropriate series of top of the line treadmill and lifting equipment, friendly staff and personal training, while still including basic cardio and strengthening group classes.

– Sarah Carpenter lives in Littleton, where she was born and raised. She spent a decade in Downtown Denver, and its surrounding neighborhoods, going to school for writing, working in the service industry, and getting to know Denver’s diverse culture. She has a passion for travel writing, local and afar, focusing the story on its people, culture and region.